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Black Belt Husband with Quentin Hafner

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the expectations placed on you as a husband? Are you confused about what exactly your wife needs from you? Is your marriage in a rut but you don’t know the first step to getting out?

Today’s guest is Quentin Hafner, author of Black Belt Husband: A Marriage Book for Men. He’s a couples counselor by day and a Brazilian jujitsu practitioner by night. Quentin has developed a methodology to becoming a great husband inspired by the martial arts belt system.

There is no need to feel hopeless when your marriage hits a wall, even if the sex has all but disappeared and you and your spouse at moments hate each other. Quentin Hafner breaks it all down for us in this episode!

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What You’ll Learn

  • Why did Quentin Hafner decided to write Black Belt Husband
  • Why most guys aren’t interested in mainstream relationship books
  • How your actions are a choice, your feelings are not a choice
  • How marital bliss will naturally subside in between 6 and 24 months
  • How to stop judging your own feelings
  • How having uncomfortable feelings about your marriage is common
  • How everybody has the feeling of hating their spouse at some time
  • How negative feelings doesn’t mean your marriage is broken, only that a problem needs to be addressed
  • Quentin’s mission to normalize these feelings so men don’t panic
  • How not to react to your feelings, but instead correct your course
  • The two main things that silently destroy a marriage
    • Apathy – being too casual, leaving the relationship on cruise control. Marriages are like a living organism that needs nurturing and tending to.
    • Understanding the importance of offering your wife an emotional connection – Marriages from 2018 are hugely different from 1975. Women have an expectation of emotional fulfilment. Being a provider is not enough and most guys struggle with how to do that.
  • How to understand your own needs as a man
  • How to communicate those needs to your wife
  • Why listening to your wife is only half the equation
  • To offer the full emotional connection requires you to share
  • Women are desperate for men to share, to find out about the person they are with
  • A man’s options in an argument
  • Why shutting down emotionally is like drinking your own poison
  • How taking risks and being honest about your feelings is like magic to your marriage
  • How being “the rock” for your spouse is the biggest myth
  • The similarities between the journey through marriage and jujitsu
  • Quentin’s belt system for becoming a great husband
    • White belt – being coachable and open minded
    • Blue belt – building self-confidence and internal strength
    • Purple belt – becoming well-rounded
    • Brown belt – being a great leader in marriage
    • Black belt – mastery
  • How sex for women is a completely emotional experience and they need to feel extremely secure and attached to have a healthy libido
  • Advice to men in a sexless marriage
  • Why you shouldn’t hesitate to get professional help

[bctt tweet=”‘Your job as a husband is not to become a mini-therapist to your wife.’—Quentin Hafner, Black Belt Husband #marriage #husbands #men #fathers #manhood #communication ” username=”gooddadprojct”]


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