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Uncover Your Money Type and Pay Off Your Home Mortgage Faster with Jordan Goodman

Jordan Goodman, America’s Money Answer Man, is back on the GDP Podcast!

The GDP takes a deeper dive with financial expert Jordan Goodman. Last time with Jordan, he discussed mortgage optimization. This idea basically makes your home mortgage work for you. Instead of paying off your mortgage over 30 years, Jordan Goodman shows you how to pay off your mortgage in less time and save you money. Who doesn’t want that? There was such a great response to our last show with Jordan we decided to bring him back on the show this time to answer some of your questions and help to clarify what mortgage optimization can do for you.


Jordan Goodman Discussing Your Money Type

One of the key questions asked of Jordan is how our relationship with money affects how we go about our daily response to our finances and if mortgage optimization would work for all of us. Of course, understanding your relationship with money is key to determining if a program like mortgage optimization is right for you. Knowing if you’re a squirrel or a high roller (or one of the other money personality types) with money will help determine how you could use this program to help you pay off your mortgage faster and put more money in your monthly pocket.


The Banks Have You Looking the Other Way

Don’t be fooled by the bank idea of what your mortgage should look like. Optimization has been used globally for years and just recently has been introduced in the US. However the idea of allowing your money to work for you rather than your money working for the bank is not something the banks are going to want to inform you of freely. So in this episode Jordan clearly outlines how identifying your emotional response to money as well as your spouses emotional response to money will help determine if this program will work for you and then how to get it started.


Our Money and Our Kids

At the GDP, we know it’s important to show our children how to respond to every situation. We have a consistent message and present guests that help us show up as better people to those who depend on us. This also includes how we respond to our finances and  what are emotional tie  is with money and how we can help our children establish a more positive relationship with money in their future. If we demonstrate a better grasp of making our money work for us rather than the opposite, our children see that habit and are able to replicate it on their own for their own family. What a great gift to give them so that they can have a more positive and healthy relationship with money in their future as well.



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