How to Get Anything You Want Tony Stephan

How to Get Anything You Want with Tony Stephan

What if you could have anything you want? Sounds crazy, right? Here’s the truth—you CAN have anything you want. The problem is we run away from our fears instead of running toward our dreams. We shrink from adversity, hard work, and the unknown. The worst part about it is, this is what we show to our children.

Our guest today is Tony Stephan. He is a registered dietician and nutrition coach who’s been featured on Fox News, NBC, Huff Post, and Women’s Health Magazine. His childhood was full of hardship and tragedy. Anyone would’ve understood if he felt sorry for himself and drifted through life, but his humble father gave him the secret to achieving what he thought was impossible. Tony Stephan’s not only going to tell us how to use this secret to get the health we want, but how to get anything we want in life.

You can have anything you want if you’re willing to work for it.

Tony Stephan

Tony Stephan’s fascination with health began when his mother left the family. She was an addict, and Tony remembers clearly the moment his father took him down to the basement to tell him his mother was gone.

Tony was only fourteen years old and he couldn’t process what was happening. His dad knew his son would be hurt and confused. His solution was simple—an old bench and a set of weights. He told Tony that he couldn’t bring his mom back, but he wanted fitness to be Tony’s outlet instead of drugs, alcohol, and crime.

A few years later, when Tony was eighteen, his mother was found on a motel room floor dead from a drug overdose. Once again, Tony channeled his anger through working out. Fitness literally saved his life—mentally, emotionally, and physically.

From then on, Tony felt compelled to help other people cope with loss and trauma through fitness. He started out as a personal trainer making $6 an hour. Then he went into debt to finish his education. He spent the last of his savings on coaching to deal with his negative, self-limiting beliefs in order to reach people on a larger scale. Now he’s twenty-eight, just married, and living his dream life. He credits his dad’s greatest piece of advice.

You can’t choose what happens to you, but you can choose the meaning of it and what you do with that meaning.

What You’ll Learn

  • How adversities are here to make you not break you
  • How Tony’s dad couldn’t give him money, college tuition, or new cars, but what he gave him something invaluable—a work ethic and the possibility that Tony wouldn’t be defined by his circumstances
  • The danger of operating out of fear
  • How approaching from a perspective of abundance gives you more motivation and impact
  • How to make the shift from scarcity to abundance
  • Understanding you have a choice every day to interpret your life in a way that serves you
  • How adversity molded him into a fighter
  • How he feels about his future kids being raised in abundance
  • Why he doesn’t want to pay for his kids’ college tuition
  • Why he will consider himself a failure if he doesn’t produce children who are not contributing members of society
  • How a lack of resources helps you become resourceful
  • Why investing in yourself is a selfless act
  • How to hack your diet with protein and fiber
  • Exactly how much protein you need at every meal
  • Why you should eat foods that rot
  • Healthy fats sources
  • The importance of creating awareness of what you’re eating daily
  • Why there’s no such thing as bad food, just bad portions
  • The myth of intermittent fasting
  • Implementing behavior-based change – adding one easily achievable new habit at a time

Hunger was the best sauce I ever received.



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