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Make the Most Out of Your Life with Dakota Meyer

Dakota Meyer

Dakota Meyer is a former US Marine and the father of two daughters. He is one of the youngest living Marines to have received the Medal of Honor since 1973. Meyer received this honor due to his actions during the Battle of Ganjigal. Meyer is an entrepreneur and is the founder of Own the Dash and Flipside Canvas. Own the Dash is a training program and Flipside Canvas is an Inspirational and Patriotic Canvas Company.

Today, we are going to be talking about being intentional with your choices. As you can see from Dakota’s life, every moment is precious. It’s not about the dates on our tombstone that matter, it’s about all the moments in between. When Dakota made a life-altering decision, he decided to stop playing the victim and start taking action. Since that dark moment, he has shared his story and inspired millions of people.

What You’ll Learn: 


Dakota talks about how he made the choice to take action after a life-altering event.


Dakota talks about the “a-ha” moment for him when he decided to stop being the victim.


Dakota dives into what the foundation of making a choice is.


Dakota talks about the importance of building a team as a father.


Dakota gives advice to men who choose not to surround themselves with people who are better than them because it reminds them of their own failures.


Dakota gives his views on complaining.


Dakota talks about emulating masculinity as an example for his daughters.


Dakota talks about how he makes the most out of his time with his daughters.


Dakota talks about how he gives 100% to his kids.


Dakota talks about the excuses dads make when making time for their kids.


Dakota gives advice to the men who are “shoulding” on themselves instead of taking action.


Dakota talks about what lessons are the most important for his daughters to learn.


Dakota gives advice to men who are raising sons.


Dakota talks about how to build a team of fathers that will help you get through the good and bad times.


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Dakota Meyer





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