Money and Your Marriage

Money and Your Marriage with Jesse Mecham

Financial issues are one the biggest causes of divorce. Not only do money problems make life stressful, they can lead to conflicts that can damage a marriage and destroy a family. But what if you could take a few, simple steps right now to totally change your money situation? Today, we talk about money and your marriage and how you can make budgeting decisions with your spouse easily and argument-free.

Jesse Mecham is the creator of the YNAB (You Need a Budget) app. He is back on The Dad Edge to talk about how to approach the money discussion in a way that will stop friction and encourage intimacy. He outlines his 4 Money Rules to future-proof your finances and gives guidelines for trimming the fat on your expenses without feeling deprived.

After listening to this show, you will feel confident about budgeting, prepared for the unexpected, and hopeful about your dreams for the future.

“Money’s not always simple, but it can get a lot simpler.”—Jesse Mecham

Jesse Mecham

Jesse Mecham founded YNAB in 2004 to help him and his wife, Julie, watch their money. Studying for his master of accountancy at Brigham Young University at the time, he put his numbers wizardry to work to develop a system to track their expenses, and that became YNAB. He lives in Utah with Julie and his seven kids!

YNAB – You Need A Budget

You Need A Budget is award-winning software and a proven method—that works.

What really makes You Need A Budget different is that we can teach you how to manage your money and get ahead—for good.

What if your bills rolled in, and instead of piling up, you just paid them? No sweat.

What if you didn’t even realize it was payday because you had money in the bank and weren’t desperate for that check to arrive?

Forget everything you think you know about budgeting and prepare to experience total control.

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What You’ll Learn

  • A money dysfunction in your marriage is a landmine that will eventually go off.
  • You can make huge leaps in your marriage even when you think it’s already good.
  • You don’t get commitment without conflict, and you don’t get conflict without trust. You must trust your spouse enough to handle whatever you’re going to tell them.
  • On patience—increase the gap between stimulus and response and fill it with curiosity.
  • Jesse’s morning habit of reading “hard books”
  • As a couple, ask yourselves … What do you want? What are you dreaming about? Not in the distant future, but in the next few years? Most couples don’t have this conversation.
  • All the questions that used to add tons of stress are easy decisions when your visions are aligned.
  • You can feel more peace in as little as an hour and a half after you have this money talk with your spouse.
  • Do whatever you want with your money as long as it means something to you.
  • In Jesse’s experience working with men on their budgets, eating out is the easiest, most effective expense to cut.
  • Rediscover cooking at home.
  • Becoming more self-reliant to save.
  • Tip: Only budget money you have on hand. Don’t give money a job you don’t actually have yet.
  • How to pre-budget for big experiences, upcoming expenses, and emergencies.
  • How to keep your budget changeable.
  • Age your money—the dollar you spend today you should have made 30 days ago.
  • Make reviewing your budget part of your morning coffee routine.
  • Getting to where you want to be financially won’t happen overnight. Be patient with yourself.
  • 4 Rules of YNAB
    1. Give every dollar a job
    2. Embrace your true expenses
    3. Roll with the punches
    4. Age your money


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