Keep Love Alive

3 Ways to Keep Love Alive

In this episode of Thursday Throwdown, we are going to talk about our wives. As men, we have a hard time balancing our relationships, especially when kids come into the picture. Most of the time, it’s the relationship with the woman in our life that gets put on the back burner. We get lazy. We take it for granted. This is when our marriages are in danger of becoming stagnant. So how can we feed our relationship to keep love alive? Here are three ways.

Never stop courting your spouse

When we first meet our spouse, we are respectful and conscientious. We constantly compliment her and focus all our attention on her. We have to keep the courtship going.

Have purposeful undistracted conversations every day

Our partner feels love and connection when we listen to her. Make sure you’re not looking at the TV or checking your phone when she’s talking to you.

Set aside special quality time alone

Make date night a priority. It’s not a luxury, but a necessity. Don’t feel guilty for leaving the kids. They might need a break from you too.


I also recapped last week’s episode with P90X founder, Tony Horton. If you missed that episode, catch it here.


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