Seven Habits of Successful People from John Maxwell

Seven Habits of Successful People from John Maxwell

Episode Overview:

In this episode, Larry and Shawn give the Good Dad spin on Seven Habits of Successful People from John Maxwell. Using their own personal stories and insight, the guys make these fundamental “habits” actionable and real.

Key Takeaways:


1. Make a commitment to grow everyday
No, not physical growth, but expanding your knowledge and learning something new. “Either you’re growing or you’re dying.” Listen to a podcast (hint), read scripture, read a motivational article; just learn to become better at something-everyday.

2. Value the process more than the events
Yeah, crossing the finish line is great, but what about the journey it took to get there? Be grateful for the process because it’s part of your life; you grew during this process. You learned something through the process. Be mindful of what you learn on the way to that glorious “finish line” is a key point with the Seven Habits of Successful People from John Maxwell.

3. Don’t wait for inspiration
Take action. Waiting for something to inspire you? You might be waiting forever. Why not just DO what it takes to complete that book you always wanted to write? Take action and, you might be surprised, the inspiration will come (here’s a hint: you create your own inspiration)!

4. Be willing to sacrifice for opportunity
Sacrifice has a bad rep. We typically equate it with giving something up. In reality, it’s about making something sacred. Think of what you really want: more quality time with the kids, better health. Think of sacrifice not as giving something up, but as making the time for what you value, what you see as important.

5. Dream big
What are you risking if you don’t dream big? The possibility of the dream becoming a reality. Successful people look at the risk of what will happen if they don’t take action towards their dream. So, write down your dreams; think beyond what you believe you are capable of. You might be surprised what you can achieve.

6. Plan your priorities
The act of writing down your dreams and goals makes them more real and actionable. Think of the critical daily tasks it will take to achieve what you want. Practicing those daily tasks and marking them off will help you to achieve what you want.

While it’s true that the journey to the finish line will bring you great reward, why quit before you actually get there? Even though there will be times where the end seems literally impossible, hang in there. The last thing you want is regret. So, put your head down, surround yourself with people who support you and achieve what you set out to in the first place!

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