Prevent Angry Outbursts

5 Ways to Prevent Angry Outbursts

This episode marks 1 year of Thursday Throwdown on the Good Dad Project! Following up on our previous episode with Peter Sacco about Uncovering the Secrets of Anger, we’re going to go over five quick ways we can prevent angry outbursts.

Some of us have issues managing our anger. This is because most men hold things in for way too long. Then we explode when we’ve suddenly hit our limit. We feel shame, regret, and frustration over not being able to control ourselves. But we must remember that anger is a normal emotion and we can put preventative measures in place to prevent angry outbursts.

1. Breathe

We must respond instead of react. If take a moment to breathe first, we can calm ourselves and think before overreacting.

2. Walk away

Sometimes our kids need a time out. Sometimes, WE need a time out. We should find a quiet place and wait for the anger to pass. Then we can approach the conflict rationally.

3. Stay active

Exercise helps us handle stress better. Endorphins give us a sense of well-being. If we blow off some steam during workouts, we will be in a better frame of mind to handle difficult situations at home and work.

4. Surround yourself with right tribe

We are the average of the 5 people we hang out with the most. We must find friends and mentors who help us to be the best version of who we are – like the DAD EDGE ALLIANCE.

5. Apologize

When we apologize to our kids, we show them a tremendous lesson in humility. Just because we are dads doesn’t mean we’re always right. This is a great opportunity to show them that we can put our egos aside and admit when we’re wrong.


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