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One Simple Mind Hack To Get Your Mind Off Work

As all of you regular listeners know, 5 minute Thursdays are never five minutes. We are finally switching the name. Welcome to Thursday Throwdown! On this episode I’ll be revealing one simple mind hack so you can get your mind off work and be mentally present with your family.

On last week’s episode with Jim Sheils, we talked about how to magnify your presence with you kids by carving out 4 hours every 90 days to be together one-on-one without distractions. This is a game-changing practice for fathers and their kids, but what about in the ordinary evenings after work or on the weekends? What can we do to get our mind off work and focus on our kids every day?

Being present is a struggle for most men. We are Type-A personalities who were wired to compete, hunt, and multi-task. We’re always thinking about the next goal to accomplish or the next problem to be solved. When we’re our around kids, it’s hard for us to shut the rest of the world down and keep our mind from wandering.

Ryan Michler, the creator of Order of Man, gave me a crystal clear answer. Since dads are always focusing on our next big goal, make the goal being present with your child.


Mentally, physically, and emotionally.

That is the goal right now. That is what we’re trying to conquer.


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