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Cliché as it sounds, life is a journey. Really, it is. Sometimes our journeys completely change course midstream, rendering us a little scared and helpless. There are ultimately two choices to make at this time: one to give up and wonder why we have had such bad luck and the universe must hate us or the other to embrace the fact that life has given us a gift (although it may not seem so at the time) to try something new.

Rich Roll

This is Rich Roll’s story. Celebrity attorney turned strict vegan and founder of Ultra Endurance, one of the most extreme fitness challenges around, chose the second route. After dealing with drug and alcohol abuse and basically taking his health to an all-time low, Rich decided he needed to do something. This Stanford University grad decided to scrap the law and start fresh. He thought about what made him happiest: sun on his shoulders, the beach, and decided he needed to do something that inspired him daily. On the Good Dad Project, we’ve talked about Work-Life Integration, and this is exactly what Rich did. Instead of trying to “balance” his law practice with his life (which wasn’t happening), Rich decided, instead, to integrate his passions into his daily life. Hence, a new perspective on his health and fitness which ultimately led to Ultra Endurance.

Feeling the Pain

Sometimes, in order for us to actually make a change we really know needs to happen, we need to feel a pain deep enough. This pain can propel us to reach that next level. Not listening to that pain or not pursuing your passion and simply living in the status quo won’t get you to your greatest potential. Pain moves us to do something to alleviate the uncomfortable feeling. So, here’s that choice again, do we take the risk for greater reward or simply live with what is comfortable, even if our “comfortable” is uncomfortable? Rich resonates this point saying that his own personal struggles compelled him to change because the pain became too uncomfortable.

The Change and Our Kids

Rich’s change included becoming a vegan in order to help in his quest for optimal health. With a family, this was not so easy, (come on, how many kids say, “oh please no more chocolate. I really want that tree of broccoli”?). He chose not to push his food beliefs on his kids, understanding that the more he pushed, the more likely they were to push back. Instead, he gave them choices. With these choices, he found his kids would more often than not make the choice that made their body feel better (healthier foods). With this base, kids are more likely to make wise food choices on their own.

Being an Example

Everything we do as parents is seen by our children and what we do, our children will model. If we provide a model to our children that demonstrates pushing through pain to positive change, we give our kids the greatest chance to be their best selves. When we take care of our needs and promote positive change, our kids will model positive behaviors.


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