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Interrupting the Drift with Shane Achey

Shane Achey

Shane Achey is a husband, father, and part of the Dad Edge Alliance Leadership team. Today, we are going to be talking about how we can handle the adversity and unexpected curveballs that come our way as fathers. We are also going to be talking about interrupting the drift. For those of you who don’t know what the drift is, it’s the process of going through the motions daily. Interrupting the drift is when we step out of our daily cycle, and we step into learning the skills to connect with our wives and kids and become a leader in our businesses. The problem with this is that we are highly trained in our careers and overwhelmingly untrained in interrupting the drift. What we need is a community, such as the Dad Edge Alliance, that teaches us these core values so we can live legendary lives. 

What You’ll Learn: 


Shane talks about his role in the Alliance.


Shane dives into what his family looks like.


Shane talks about how his life has been crazy lately.


Shane talks about his twin boys.


Shane talks about embracing uncertainty.


Shane advises men on how to get aligned with their wives.


Shane talks about the “drift.”


Shane tells us what a “generative question” is.


Shane talks about what his life looks like 12 months from now.


Shane gives examples of other questions he’s asked his wife.


Shane tells us his wife’s reaction when he started asking her meaningful, thought-provoking questions.


Shane gives the audience his final tidbits of advice.


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Shane Achey



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