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The Dad Champion Blueprint with Jeff Spencer

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Episode Overview:

Dr. Jeff Spencer has consulted and provided guidance for top-performers in sports and business. As a former Olympian himself, he’s spent a career studying the science of success and helping others implement those principles in their lives with his Champion’s Blueprint training. Shawn and I had an opportunity to talk to Jeff about how the Champion’s Blueprint and Fatherhood go hand-in-hand.

Champion Blueprint for Fatherhood

As men, we don’t like to stop and ask for directions.  Afterall, we are problem solvers!  We are wired to hunt, gather, and simply figure stuff out…sometimes…even if it’s the hard way.  The funny thing about us men is that we love directions.  We love instructions.  We love the “how-to guides.”  However, it’s the “asking part” that we don’t really like.  Most men want direction.  We want guidance.  We want a path to follow.  However, we don’t want to ask for it.


Discovering our Own Champion Blueprint

Every dad possesses greatness at some level even if we don’t realize it.  There truly is no distinct roadmap for successful parenting.  However, we can stack the odds in our favor if we simply take time to tap into our greatness and develop our strengths.  


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