The Process, Art, and Science of Leadership with Errol Doebler

The Process, Art, and Science of Leadership with Errol Doebler

What would your world look like if you were a cool and confident leader? What if you could implement an environment of emotional awareness, problem-solving, and a never quit attitude in your work, home, and on the battlefield of life?

Errol Doebler is a former Navy SEAL, FBI Special Agent, and an elite executive consultant. He believes that the same leadership applied during the chaos on the battlefield is the same leadership that should be applied in business and at home.

No matter how you’ve approached life so far, leadership is a skill that can be learned. Errol reveals the exact methodology you need  to transform yourself into an empathetic and wise leader, living with intention in everything you do.

Errol Doebler

With over 20 combined years as a Navy SEAL and FBI Special Agent Errol believes that combat, in all its various forms, is the ultimate expression of consequence. If combat leadership is not done correctly one of three consequences will be realized, all of which are unacceptable: mission failure, injury, or death. Errol also believes that the leadership exhibited during times of chaos and struggle should not be vastly different than the leadership exhibited during times of relative calm and accord. There is no, “Break glass in case of emergency” leadership playbook.

Errol believes in the power of leadership. He believes it is leadership that can solve any problem. He believes his process, born out of the blood, sweat, and tears of mistakes and successes over a lifetime, will create an environment of clarity in purpose and behavior that will sustain you during hard times and propel you during the good times.

The Process, Art, and Science of Leadership: How Leaders Inspire Confidence and Clarity in Combat, in the Boardroom, and at the Kitchen Table

Despite the fact that leading can look and feel messy at times, there is a very distinct process to leading well that can be followed in combat, in business, and in our most important place of leadership…at home. Where most leaders struggle with accomplishing their goals and getting buy-in from their teams, this book provides a methodology that will help any leader guide their team successfully.

Leadership takes many forms in many different environments. Leaders come in all shapes and sizes, too. No matter the environment or who you are as a leader, one thing is for certain: effective leadership is not a matter of personality or circumstances. It is a process that is applicable to every leader of every stripe in every environment.

In this illuminating book, Errol Doebler shows an uncommon and refreshing vulnerability in sharing his many self-inflicted wounds and successes so that readers can learn from his many years of experience. You’ll learn the art of applying the process to your personal needs and the science of how it works, and you’ll have concrete tools for practicing the process through breathing exercises and cold exposure. The process is structured yet flexible, allowing you to lead in a way that is authentic to you.

What You’ll Learn

  • Emotional awareness is the basis of everything.
  • Errol Doebler’s home is naturally chaotic, but it runs on a set of guidelines of how they do business as a family.
  • Teaching politeness and good manners will help kids develop confidence.
  • Learn the evolution of your child’s needs to treat them in age appropriate ways.
  • When kids are upset, you must talk about it. Ask them, “How do you feel?” Help them to identify their emotions.
  • Acknowledge your child’s feelings, examine and process them, and tell them to get back out there. Don’t quit.
  • Errol’s believes his wife warrants the utmost respect. He ensures he is looking after her needs at every moment.
  • Make your home a safe space where family members can explain how they feel, no matter what it is.
  • How to ask for the time and space you need as a man.
  • Expectation and agenda build emotional resentment.
  • When you ask your spouse what is wrong, you have to be ready to absorb the answer.
  • Process–Emotional, cultural, and personal awareness and recognition—the emotions that drive our actions.
  • Process allows you to go back and see what went right and what went wrong.
  • Our minds open when we have a process. It gives us the space to see different solutions.
  • Guidelines for Behavior–Make decisions on how you want to behave.
  • Planning–Leaders (dads) make judgements based on mission accomplishment. Plan accordingly.
  • Resistance–Understanding resistance and how to push through it.
  • Science–You’re not lazy or incapable. You’re neurochemically addicted to the brain chemicals released by emotions.
  • Art–Understand the emotions and how they affect you differently compared to everyone else.
    • When acting on a bad emotion, go back and evaluate, what was the result?
    • Which emotions do you need to employ to make your life better and the lives around you better?
  • Preparing plans for the micro-situations in life.
  • Setting the intention to always forgive yourself.
  • Errol practices intention using ice baths.
  • Errol and the Wim Hof method


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