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Navigating Through Modern Parenthood with Nikki Pauli and Shane Fuller

Shane and Nikki are both parents to four kids and love it (almost all the time). Through their personal and professional experiences they’ve realized how desperate parents are to do the best for their kids. It’s just that sometimes we find ourselves in moments or situations that scare us or catch us off guard. There are constantly times we feel unsure of what to say or how to handle something that comes up with our kids. Out of their desire to see parents flourish they created helpful, practical, shame-free, and efficient courses to prepare you for some of the most challenging moments parenting can throw your way.

Nikki has been a Licensed Mental Health Counselor working with children, teens, adults, and families for 15 years. She also works for LEAPT training play therapists and is an adjunct instructor for Mental Health and Social Work masters students.

She is passionate about walking with and helping families and believes the family unit is where we first learn to belong and how to navigate the world.

Shane Fuller has an MDiv and is working on his MA in Mental Health Counseling. Having four kids with his incredible wife, Brynn, really got him interested in learning everything he could about parenting.

What he loves about working with people and creating resources is helping parents feel more sure of themselves. Ultimately, he wants as many parents as possible to be at peace with themselves and how they’ve chosen to lean into the hard stuff in life.

What You’ll Learn

7:04 Interview Starts

8:42 Building The Dad Edge

Larry shares with Nikki and Shane what the journey has been like in parenting alongside building The Dad Edge brand.

11:32 Pleasant Vasectomy

Shane talks about the pleasantries of getting a laser vasectomy. Larry talks about his reasons behind not getting one, and it’s probably not why you think.

16:15 Parenting & Devices

Shane and Nikki discuss how they view and take approaches to help instill unity, build relationships through setting up rules around videogame time and screen time as a whole. 

23:55 Choose their good

Shane brings up a great point. He talks about some rules are uncomfortable because they are met with resistance when implemented in the family, but he mentions the phrase: Choose your kids good over your own discomfort.

25:33 Let’s talk devices

Nikki and Larry talk about the rules they have around devices. Some might seem very strict, but they have made it work around their households. Listen and check in what might apply with your kids.

36:53 Get Curious

The best way to build relationships with your kids is to get curious and join in. Ask questions, why do they like it so much, what does it make them feel, how do they feel when they are not playing it? Ask and get curious.

41:45 Boredom

Shane and Nikki go into why boredom is key to hel[ in  build your kids’ curiosity. Nikki shares a story of how her child, because of being bored, instead of buying a new upgrade for a video game, built one himself.

46:00 Sex talk: Start now

Shane and Nikki get into how to talk about sex with your kids and one of the biggest takeways is that you should start NOW. When they are young, talk about body parts, who can touch them and who cannot. What makes them feel comfortable or not. There is a lot in doing this at a young age. But regardless of whether you started or not at young age, start now.

Shane talks about a funny experience with one of his kids and how talking about the right topics at a young age will lead to having easier conversations about sexuality down the road.

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