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Becoming a Legendary Couple After the Kids

Most of us say that our marriage is a priority, and usually it starts off well, but then the kids come. Time alone with our spouses becomes rare. Our children’s needs must constantly be met. Life gets hectic and patience runs thin. The happily ever after we imagined can turn into a nightmare.

This is an episode all dads and moms need to hear. Today we have our first couple on The Dad Edge podcast. Lance and Brandy are the creators of Legendary Couples. Their marriage deteriorated after the birth of their two daughters, very nearly ending in divorce. But they took action to save their marriage and now teach other couples how to cultivate that legendary love again.

[bctt tweet=”‘People expect marriage to exist. If you want your marriage to be amazing, you have to take those same priority principles from your business and health and you have to create a vision, a real plan.’—Lance Salazar, Legendary Couples #marriage #relationships #family #divorce” username=”gooddadprojct”]

Lance and Brandy’s Story

Lance and Brandy Salazar got married thirteen years ago, ready to embark on their happily ever after together. At first, they were able to fit romance into their lives, but when they had kids, it pushed their relationship totally out of their schedule.

Lance and Brandy were on the fast track to divorce. At on point, Brandy was so fed up she couldn’t even stand Lance breathing next to her. This is the story of so many couples. What causes a marriage to end up this way?

In one final extraordinary effort, Lance and Brandy decided to try to make the marriage work. They knew it would take a radical approach, but they learned as they went along. They worked together to completely change their lives and make the relationship between each other and their kids truly legendary.

[bctt tweet=”‘You are responsible for your own happiness. Your spouse is not responsible for that.’—Legendary Couples #couples #marriage #husband #wife #love #relationships #selflove #momlife #dadlife” username=”gooddadprojct”]

What You’ll Learn

  • Why they moved from a large, affluent home to a small farm house with one bathroom
  • How to transform from being a victim to a participant in your relationship
  • The danger of attaching to expectations
  • How to identify the mini-habits that add up to big wins with your spouse
  • How many of us never have identified what we want and need
  • How the energy you bring with you affects your relationships
  • How to change your energy before connecting with your spouse and children
  • How to identify your children’s emotional triggers
  • How to find the key to diffusing each personality in your family
  • Why liking yourself is crucial for deep connection and love
  • What is a service mindset and why we benefit from adopting it
  • What is a connection map and how to use it
  • Advice for those who’ve tried everything and their marriage still fails

[bctt tweet=”‘It’s not a journey of perfection; evolving can be messy.’—Legendary Couples #marriage #family #relationships #connection” username=”gooddadprojct”]

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