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Battling Cancer as a Dad with Hal Elrod

Hal Elrod is a best selling author, international keynote speaker, ultra-marathon runner, world class success coach, and most importantly, a father. He is a man who made it his life’s mission to reach his true potential. Hal seemed absolutely unstoppable. Then he was diagnosed with cancer.

In this episode, Hal Elrod reveals what it was like to face death head-on, what tools he used to heal himself, and how he and his family got though it.

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Hal Elrod

Hal began a promising career in sales when he was nineteen years old. Then he was hit head-on by a drunk driver at 70 miles an hour. His car was spun into oncoming traffic and he was crushed inside. He bled so heavily from his injuries that he was dead for 6 minutes until the rescue crew cut him out of the wreckage. This first major adversity made him wonder if he was meant for something more. He soon became a motivational speaker.

Then, in 2008 the economy crashed, and Hal crashed with it. He lost half his clients and income, which led to him losing his house to the bank. It was 6-month downward spiral. He came to the conclusion that in order to turn his life around, he would have to dedicate time every day to personal development. The only problem was, how make time for it, and how to make that time incredibly productive?

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Hal decided he’d have to a wake up an hour earlier. Even though it was hard for him at first, it was the only way. Then he researched and gathered the most powerful personal development strategies in human history and began to practice them. He started meditation, affirmations, visualization, exercise, reading, and journaling. He wrote the wildly popular book based on this system. To this day, his life’s work is The Miracle Morning.

By this time, Hal was married with two kids. They had their home in Austin and were living the dream until the toughest year of his life when he was diagnosed with cancer.

What You’ll Learn

  • The key to being free from emotional pain
  • How he chose to be happy and grateful while facing a 70% chance of dying
  • How to get over the hump of feeling guilty for investing in yourself
  • How The Miracle Morning will help you become a better version of yourself every day
  • Why Hal reads ten pages a parenting or marriage book every morning instead of a business book
  • Why you should read in front of your kids
  • How his wife and kids responded to his diagnosis
  • How he coped with his family’s reaction
  • Why we have to choose our reasons for our adversity
  • What circled in his mind day in and day out as he endured a brutal chemo treatment
  • Hal’s view on death
  • The miracle equation to do things you didn’t think you could do
  • How he used the miracle equation to defy the odds and beat cancer
  • Why the purpose of the goal is not to hit the goal
  • Why you should write down affirmations and recite them
  • How affirmations were a crucial factor in his healing
  • How his experience with cancer made him a better father

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