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How to Optimize The Structure of Work, Family, and Fulfillment with Dave Hollis

Can work-life balance ever be achieved?

Our guest today is Dave Hollis, and he says work-life balance is unattainable. There is no such thing because our lives constantly fluctuate. Sometimes, our kids need us. At other times, our marriage requires more attention. Maybe our health has been neglected and we need to focus on taking care of our bodies. There will also be points in our lives where work demands all of our energy. Life is unpredictable and we must be prepared to adapt.

We are stoked to have Dave Hollis on The Dad Edge. Dave worked for Disney for 17 years selling movies like Star Wars and The Avengers to theaters, and he recently left his position to help his wife Rachel develop her business. Dave tells us why he quit what most people would consider a dream job and how he and his wife grow their media company while raising four kids. He also talks about their technique called ‘frontloading’ to optimize the structure of work, family, and fulfillment for an incredible life.

[bctt tweet=”‘Your kids only have one experience that they know is normal—the one you create for them. They are watching us pursue our dreams … we are modeling for them.’—Dave Hollis #parenting #dads #men #fathers #fatherhood #dadlife” username=”gooddadprojct”]


Dave Hollis

Dave is the father of four and married to NY Times Bestselling Author, Rachel Hollis. She began with an event planning business that morphed in to a lifestyle blog, which eventually became Chic Media. Dave was in the sales side of the movie business. He made lots of money, but he didn’t feel like he was challenged. He made the bold choice to leave his job to help Rachel scale up her business. They moved from the outskirts of LA to a small town in Texas where they publish content, podcasts, and books. They also organize events and have launched a line of apparel and other products. Dave says they still like each other after six months of working together, but they have their communication and planning down to a science. They call it ‘frontloading’ and it is how they structure their lives for greatness.

[bctt tweet=”‘You can find every excuse why you’re not currently having the intimate relationship you want with your spouse.’—Dave Hollis #relationships #marriage #intimacy #communication” username=”gooddadprojct”]

What You’ll Learn

  • Why you have to acknowledge that you’re not going to “do it all”
  • How Dave got comfortable with the fact that work-life balance is not a possibility
  • How Dave and Rachel use a community of family, nannies, and babysitters to help with their four kids
  • How they deal with judgement about their parenting techniques
  • What ‘frontloading’ is and how and when they do it
  • How to delegate responsibilities to avoid resentment
  • Dave’s recovery from codependency
  • How to stop feeling guilty for other people’s judgements
  • Using apps to coordinate family activities
  • Why health is the foundation of his family’s life
  • Dave and Rachel’s non-negotiable weekly date night
  • Why Dave and Rachel take two vacations–one with the kids and one without them
  • How Dave and Rachel make out regularly
  • The Hollis’ experience with foster children (one of whom they adopted)
  • Why you must fuel your kids’ passions (not what you think they should be interested in)
  • The importance of letting go and allowing your kids to have their own experiences without you
  • How to reach for uncertainty to find growth and fulfillment


[bctt tweet=”‘You will not be the single force that shapes the way your child develops into an adult.’—Dave Hollis #parenting #helicopterparenting #dads #fathers #fatherhood” username=”gooddadprojct”]



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  1. What’s that calendar sharing app that the Hollises use to plan their week? I want to try that.
    Before kids, when my wife and I were both working and in grad school, we did a shared Google Calendar and it worked pretty well. This sounded a little better though.
    Great episode! Really what I needed to hear today.

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