Coaching Kids for Greatness with former NFL player Anthony Trucks

Coaching Kids for Greatness with former NFL player Anthony Trucks

If you are the coach or parent of a youth athlete, this episode is an absolute game changer. I invited former NFL player Anthony Trucks to my home in St. Louis to do a live Q & A session with dads, kids, and coaches to answer questions about adversity, perseverance, and practice.

Whether it’s football, dance, baseball, soccer, martial arts or track and field, Trucks gives us amazing insights on how to coach the right way and help our kids optimize their mental game for greatness.

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Anthony Trucks

Anthony Trucks was the poster child for “disadvantaged youth.” His mom gave him away along with his siblings when he was three years old. They were separated when he was put into the foster care system where languished for eleven years until he was adopted at the age of fourteen.

Anthony knew he didn’t want to keep going down the path he was on. He didn’t know what greatness was, but he knew he wanted to achieve it. He discovered football and chose to be good at it. Anthony was determined not to become another statistic and practiced obsessively. His superhuman effort paid off when he received a college scholarship and went on to play for the NFL.

Anthony Trucks now owns a gym and appears on American Ninja Warrior. He says he’s had a blast on his roller coaster of a life. His mission is to try to improve peoples’ lives by sharing his experiences.

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What You’ll Learn

  • Anthony Truck’s advice for men growing up in adversity (drugs, alcohol, abuse) who believe they can’t live a successful life
  • Why we feel comfortable with the “crazy we know”
  • How it was as a kid without a real mom to support him.
  • How he made childhood adversity into his teacher
  • Why the biggest thing we can do for our families is carve out a golden block of focused time
  • Which parent should do the disciplining
  • What motivates Anthony when he wants to give up
  • The two anchors that keep Anthony grounded, yet inspired to push harder
  • Advice he would give if he were eleven years old, “Find someone who cares about you and do what they tell you to do.”
  • How to push through moments of hopelessness and the urge to give up
  • What it felt like to walk into a crowded stadium as an NFL player
  • His advice for kids who want to be in the NFL
  • How to balance coaching skills to help kids stay motivated without pushing them too hard
  • How kids hear parents differently
  • How kids need to be loved by parents and coached by coaches
  • How to help kids get clear about their goals
  • How coaches can get kids to summon their aggression
  • How to coach kids when they are on social media comparing their athletic performances
  • Why parents are responsible for giving their kids a sense of self-worth
  • Why as a parent, you can’t let the outside world define who you are
  • What advice Anthony Trucks would give his 10-year-old self
  • Anthony’s advice for a long-term relationship
  • How pressure has helped him find greatness
  • How to handle pressure by thinking of the end result
  • His favorite thing to do with his family!

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