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Being a Coach, a Dad, and Raising Strong Daughters with Bret Johnson

Bret Johnson knows being a dad.  He knows being a coach of youth sports.  He knows how to raise a confident strong daughter.

Bret Johnson

Bret Johnson is the driving force behind Team Johnson.  He runs the all of the day-to-day management of the business, in addition to business strategy, event planning, management, and logistics for any Team Johnson or Chalene Johnson appearances.  He negotiates all contracts, handles all sponsors and partner relationships, and coordinates and communicates with all who are a part of the Team Johnson Affiliate Program.  In addition, Bret works one-on-one with a small hand selected group that he coaches on personal, spiritual, and business development.  Bret is the former owner and CFO of Powder Blue Productions as well as the Turbo Wear clothing line that he and Chalene created together. He has also built and sold several multimillion-dollar fitness and lifestyle companies.

Bret Johnson began his career as a Quarterback at UCLA and Michigan State University, and later finished his career in the CFL with the Toronto Argonauts and Atlanta Falcons.  Bret has preserved his love and passion for football by coaching High School Football at Mission Viejo High School with his father and brother.

Bret will be the first to tell you that his greatest accomplishment is raising two amazing kids.

It’s a Girl’s World

Let’s face it: there are definite differences between raising boys versus girls. Beyond the stereotypical pink versus blue, girls are just made differently. They typically have different interests than boys and they respond to stimuli differently. A girl’s world can be complex and helping your daughter navigate these waters as a father can seem overwhelming. But, there is hope; after all, even though she may sometimes seem other-worldly, your daughter is human.

The Basics

Just like sons, daughters need to feel love and validation from their fathers. Remember dads, the relationship your daughter has with you will create the foundation for the relationships she has with other men in her future. Reinforce how much you accept her for who she is, her interests, and the fact that you will always be there for her. She needs this, particularly in the world children will live in as adults.


Social Media

At no other time in history has it been easier to find out who is doing what and when, what the latest diet fad is, who is the hottest celebrity, and, maybe most frightening, bullying. And that’s where girls can be hit the hardest, right on line. It’s easy to make fun of others behind a screen and say hurtful things, demean another’s character, or even more devastating to a girl, criticize her appearance. Dads, here is where you can play a vital role, be active in her online media life. Yep, let her know you are watching what she is doing, not so much that you are concerned with her behavior, but how others interact with her. And, if necessary, model positive online behavior and communication so that she can see how to best represent herself to others in this media.


“Do These Pants Make Me Look Fat?”


Even in an age where a variety of body types are getting more positive media coverage, the skinny models still barrage our girls in the checkout lines of every store. It seems that no matter what they hear about their image, girls still want to look like what they see in the magazines. Your job, dad, is to remind her that those models are airbrushed and that skinny is not always healthy.


Be Proactive

Dad, it’s not as hard as you think. She’s your daughter, she loves you and she is looking to you to see how to respond to men in a positive way. Raising a strong daughter means that she feels comfortable in her own skin, she can communicate effectively with all people and that she has the courage to pursue her own passions. Don’t worry, you won’t break her; she’s tougher than you think!




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