How to Thrive in the Face of Uncertainty

We all want to survive this crisis, but how can we leverage the challenges we face to actually accelerate our growth as men, husbands, and fathers? How do we use adversity as an opportunity to connect and learn in ways we never have before?

It is possible to thrive in the face of uncertainty if we look at every problem as a stepping stone to greater self-awareness and purpose. In this exclusive episode, we will teach you how.

Today we talk about the first Dad Edge Virtual Summit and the 3rd annual Dad Edge Live Summit. You will witness exactly what happens behind the scenes in The Dad Edge Alliance and the changes that take place in the lives of men who work as a tribe. Jeff Bouwman and Jason McKenzie join us, along with our members for an amazing session that shows just how everyday regular dads are reframing their challenges, using them as catalysts for extreme transformation.

What You’ll Learn

  • What is the appreciative inquiry technique?
  • The power of bringing people together to connect in meaningful ways
  • How to reframe challenge into opportunity
  • How crisis can force an evolution of the family in a positive way
  • How to be present during times of stress, see the beauty in every moment, and find something to be grateful for no matter what
  • How to stay curious
  • The power of asking yourself the right questions
  • Stop thinking about all we can’t do during this crisis. What can we do?
  • Letting go of expectation to become open to possibility
  • Being aware of the stories you tell yourself
  • How to tell if you’re acting from a place of fear


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Dad Edge Virtual Summit 2020

The Dad Edge Virtual Summit


Coronavirus is forcing our evolution as fathers.  We are all going to build a whole new set of superpowers.  And these superpowers are needed right now.  For many of us, we are multiplying our future ability to serve, exponentially.

The lessons we are learning now will only enhance what’s possible in the future.  Pause for a second.  Consider what we are really in service of.  There’s a good chance that we are going to serve a mission much… much… bigger than the one we thought we were here to serve.

Somewhere on the other side of this, maybe we are ushering in a golden era of sorts.  The thing that has taken so much blame for causing distraction, disconnection, even isolation – technology… is now the only solution we have, to bring us all together.  And it will.  History shows that hardship is always the pathway to breakthroughs!



June 4th: Connecting to Shared Identity

– 10:30am to 12:30 CST (Morning Session)
– 2:00pm to 4:00 CST (Afternoon Session)

June 5th: Moving from Surviving to Thriving

– 10:30am to 12:30 CST (Morning Session)
– 2:00pm to 4:00 CST (Afternoon Session)

Guest Speakers

Dr. Meg Meeker
New York Times Bestselling Author of “Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters” and “HERO”
Anthony Trucks
Former NFL Football Player and American Ninja Warrior
Aaron Walker
Founder of View From the Top and bestselling author of “View from the Top” and coming soon “Isolation is the Enemy of Excellence.”
Dominic Quartuccio

Bestselling author of “Design Your Future.”



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