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Rob Youngblood on How To Successfully Raise A Family As a Single Dad

Rob Youngblood, TV personality, motivational speaker, victim of a Chuck Norris beating (LOL!), and single father with purpose comes on the GDP Podcast to talk about successfully raising kids through divorce.

Be the best version of yourself. It’s a wonderful phrase and so true, but when you don’t know who you really are in the first place, being the best version of you is nearly impossible. Rob Youngblood, former actor and news anchor and, currently, motivational speaker and coach, talks with the GDP about getting yourself to that best version as well as being a great dad, even in the face of difficult circumstances.

The Man in the Mirror

Sometimes we tell ourselves our lives are great, even when there is a storm of turmoil raging inside. The hardest part is facing the stuff we don’t like about ourselves, confronting the inner demons so we can be our best selves. Identifying and facing those issues is not easy, but it helps us grow and provides a great example for those who count on us.

Rob Youngblood on Prioritizing

Life will always throw curve balls. It’s what we do with these curve balls that defines who we are and our resiliency. Sometimes these challenges force us to choose between our personal wants and our responsibility to those who rely on us-AKA our children. These choices aren’t always easy to make, even though we love our children more than anything. Prioritizing our wants versus what we need to do puts the focus on what we deem important.

Be Real

As men, we a generally not known to be expressive with our feelings. We tend to bottle up our anger and frustration and sadness when we really should be sharing these emotions. Having a solid and trusting support system you can feel safe expressing these emotions in is crucial to our overall health and well-being.

Our lives inevitably change as we get older. Embracing these changes and providing a healthy example of how to manage these changes for our children will help us and our kids enjoy life that much more.


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