will it fly with pat flynn

Will It Fly with Pat Flynn

Will It Fly with Pat Flynn

Larry and Shawn interview Pat Flynn, founder of Smart Passive Income and author of Will It Fly. In this episode, Pat shares his dynamic story of ground-up success and balancing an entrepreneurship with family.

Key Takeaways:

The intro of Will it Fly with Pat Flynn…We’ve all done it-taken a plain piece of paper, folded it into what we believe will be an aerodynamic masterpiece, only to watch our paper dream nose-dive to the floor. Why? Why would our paper airplane be any different from the other guy’s which looked eerily similar, yet flew like an F-15 Fighter jet? Well, maybe we simply needed a bit more direct guidance. Pat Flynn likens this scenario to entrepreneurship: we see one guy making bank over a great internet idea; we think it looks simple enough, buy business cards, get a great website going and boom. Fail. Why? Maybe that idea worked for that other guy because it worked for them; it fit their values, and it helped them look inward.

Pat states that in work, you don’t need to trade time for money; it’s more trading value for money. For instance, if you provide a service, product or idea online that makes other people’s lives easier or better, you can literally work mere hours in a work week, wake up and see exponential money in your account. Of course, this only works if the idea, product or service is something you believe in and others will need. You need to identify your “why”. Why do you want to create this product, service or idea?

Then, once you’ve got that great product and it’s time to market it and get your business up and running, you have to balance your family and home life as well. Schedule your work around your life, not your life around your work.  This means building entrepreneurial boundaries. In other words, make your own set hours, stick to them and “check-in” to your family and other core values. This way, you are able to focus 100% on what is directly at hand.

So, maybe your first attempt with the paper airplane didn’t fare so well. But, in your second attempt, you got guidance, you decided what you wanted the airplane to look like and it was a total success.

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