Wade Joye – Finding True Joy in Being a Father and Husband

Wade Joye is a speaker and leadership coach, author of “This Dream Is Not For You,” and host of the “Dreamers and Disciples” podcast. He served as the Worship Pastor at Elevation Church for over 14 years until transitioning off of staff in late 2021 to serve churches and leaders across the country through his teaching and coaching ministry.

Wade recounts the emotional story of his twin daughters’ premature birth and the subsequent health issues they faced, including a life-threatening condition for his youngest daughter, Sydney. He opens up about his battle with bitterness and anxiety, and how he learned to see God’s miracles in the midst of hardship.

The conversation shifts to the importance of maintaining a strong marriage, especially when facing life’s challenges. Wade emphasizes the significance of communication, fun, and spiritual connection with his wife, including the practice of praying together daily. He offers practical advice for couples looking to strengthen their relationship through faith and shared experiences.

Larry’s Takeaways

  1. Embrace life’s journey with faith and surrender.
  2. Prioritize marriage and family amidst challenges.
  3. Cultivate gratitude and prayer in daily life.

What You’ll Learn

00:01:43 – Personal Challenges and Family Health Issues

00:04:03 – Struggles with Faith and God’s Purpose

00:05:08 – Career Shifts and Letting Go of Dreams

00:06:12 – The Role of Dreams and Surrendering to God

00:09:07 – Writing a Book Amidst Challenges

00:12:27 – Overcoming Bitterness and Trusting God

00:14:02 – Dealing with Anxiety and Seeking Help

00:19:09 – Maintaining Perspective in Challenging Times

00:21:29 – Daily Gratitude Practices

00:26:13 – The Importance of Capturing Family Memories

00:29:19 – Keeping Fun and Communication in Marriage

00:30:13 – Spiritual Connection and Praying Together

00:34:29 – Encouraging Couples to Pray Together

00:36:50 – Approaching God with Honesty and Gratitude

00:40:06 – The Importance of Listening in Prayer

00:43:54 – Book Recommendation for Structured Prayer





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