How to Unf*ck Yourself
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How to Unf*ck Yourself with Gary John Bishop

As men, we like to plan. We like to be able to foresee what’s going to happen so that we can be prepared, but life will inevitably throw curveballs our way. These periods of uncertainty can provoke stress, anxiety, and fear. How can we embrace uncertainty and use as the most powerful opportunity to grow?

Gary John Bishop is one of the world’s elite performance coaches and NY Times Bestselling Author of Unf*ck Yourself. He is here to teach us how to embrace uncertainty, how to take extreme ownership of our lives, and how we can teach our kids to do the same.

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Gary John Bishop

You might notice from his accent that Gary John Bishop is Scottish. He moved to the US in 1994 and toured as a musician, meeting famous people and his wife who he is still very much in love with to this day.

Gary eventually gave up music and got into construction. He was asked to do a personal development course and refused. It seemed liked foo-foo stuff to him. But Gary ended up taking the course and it blew his mind. He was forced to get uncomfortable and face his life. He came out the other side with life-altering insights.

From then on, Gary was fascinated by the personal development world and became the senior program director for the largest personal development company. He realized that he was wrong about himself. He was not the solid person he thought he was. He started questioning his thoughts, emotions, and behaviors and how they were affecting his decisions in life. He listened to the dialogue he kept with himself. He started to explore it and change it. Now he has his own coaching business, his book, and a series of courses.

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What You’ll Learn

  • Why we are wired for certainty
  • Why uncertainty is inevitable no matter how hard we try to avoid it
  • How you can empower yourself by embracing uncertainty
  • How to analyze your thoughts to find weak and limiting inner dialogue
  • How to stop living in the idea of what you think should happen and operate in reality
  • Why there’s a lot of pressure as a dad to have all the answers
  • How to give yourself room for your own humanity
  • Why it’s good to be human in front of your kids
  • How to take responsibility for the way you are
  • How we give away our power by basing our happiness on other peoples’ behavior
  • How to instill ownership in your kids from an early age
  • How to stop the blame game
  • How to be with yourself when you’re at your worst
  • Why men avoid being pressed, but should embrace being stressed
  • How to be in communication with your feelings
  • Why positive psychology doesn’t work for some people
  • Why the language you use with yourself is so important
  • Why consciously and cognitively connecting other people is crucial

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