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Optimizing Your Life for Maximum Potential with Eric Franco

Eric Franco

Eric Franco is a Dad Edge Alliance mastermind member, husband, father, and author of the children’s book Introvert Ninja. In the book, he talks about a four-step process consisting of the steps: Honor, Energy, Action, Retrospect (HEAR). The Honor step is about honor who you are as a person, and realizing that it’s okay to be an introvert. The Energy step is all about how you spend your energy and how you re-fuel it. The Action step is about the things you need to go do with your energy. Lastly, the Retrospective step is about looking back on what worked and what didn’t when you took that action in engaging in a conversation with someone. An example of this would look like a kid who goes to school, sees other kids connecting, and feels upset because they can’t do that. They feel like they’re less than them, and that there’s something wrong with them. However, what these kids don’t realize is that they have their own strengths, they just need to learn how to tap into them. The book then goes on to talk about how you first honor your strengths, then find the energy to be able to use those strengths, take action on this energy, and then reassess how it went and what they can do differently.

Our lives are full of energy; how we spread it around is our choice. Since 2020, there has been a huge shift in how we spend our time. Before the pandemic, some of us used to focus more on our businesses than we did our families. However, post-pandemic, there’s been a shift in mindset where we have begun creating a balance between our work and our families.

Creating a business can be something that’s really special and makes you come alive. This isn’t for the faint of heart; it’s time-consuming work that has to be put in, day in and day out. It’s even harder when you have to balance a marriage and kids on top of that. It can be done; however, it takes some very intentional goal setting and time-management in order to balance all three. You want to create a legendary marriage and legacy for your children. You also want to create a psychological place of safety where your kids will come and talk to you about anything. We’re trying to create trust and memories, all while trying to take care of ourselves.

What You’ll Learn: 


Eric talks about how walking has brought him joy over the past year. He states that he listens to an audiobook or podcast to wind down, and takes this time to reflect.


Eric talks about the visions he gets when his thoughts transition from work to family.


Eric talks about the four-step process in his book about raising introverted kids.


Eric talks about the feelings he felt growing up introverted and the feelings that parents raising introverts feel.


Eric talks about the process of dealing with being an introvert.


Eric talks about the kind of advice he would give him self back when he was unmarried and about to walk down the aisle.


Eric states how he makes his wife feel seen and heard. He does this by keeping a journal of all the things he’s grateful for about her.


Eric talks about digging deep to find the gratitude to write in his journals.


Eric talks about the problem with the words “more” and “better” when we try to be intentional in our marriages and relationships with our kids.


Eric talks about what he’s grateful for that’s happened during his Mastermind course. He mentions that he is most grateful for the consistency that he’s displayed throughout an 8-week period. It’s the small steps that compound to great success.


Eric talks about what his family would be celebrating by the end of the year.


Eric talks about what life lessons his kids will have learned from him in order for Eric to step into the mentorship role and let his kids take the wheel.


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Eric Franco




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