Jon Vroman Ep 39

Uncover Your Front Row Factor in Your Relationships, Career, and Life

Episode Overview:

How engaged are you? Larry and Shawn speak to The Front Row Factor for Dads with Jon Vroman, award winning speaker, host of The Front Row podcast, and chairman and founder of The Front Row Foundation about being in the front row of life: yours, your kids, those you love. Jon recounts his courageous life choices and explains how you can take an active seat in life’s front row.

Key Takeaways from The Front Row Factor for Dads with Jon Vroman:

You’re enough. Those words are powerful. Right here, right now, you are everything you need to be in this moment. The world needs you to be the best version of yourself instead of trying to be something you really aren’t. So, how do you do this? Define your front row.

Who is in your front row? Think about it. Your inner circle supports you and cheers you on in your life; that’s how important that front row is. At the same time, are you in the front row of those who are most important to you (your kids, your significant other)? Are you present? See life from your kids’ perspective and think about how they see you. Put yourself in your kids’ world and vie life from their perspective. Be in their front row. This is the Front Row Factor for Dads with Jon Vroman.

This also means being flexible and engaged. Life can throw you plenty of curve balls, but if you are flexible and engaged, you are better equipped to take those challenges in stride. You’ll find you grow and evolve and be the best example for your kids by demonstrating these qualities.

Being in your kids’ front row shows them you are their biggest fan. You have earned a right to be in your child’s front row, so take advantage of that privilege.

The front row demands that you take action and be courageous in your life. Whatever you are impassioned about or have longed to do are only going to happen if you take the lead. And your children are watching the choices you make and how you make the most out of life’s opportunities.

If you have a seat you don’t like, change it. If you have a seat you can’t change, adopt the philosophy that this seat is the best seat in the house. Choose to make the most of the seat you’re in.

Do you choose to play it safe in life or do you choose to take the risk and see what happens…down in front?

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