The Realistic Way to Transform Your Body

The Realistic Way to Transform Your Body This Year with Josiah Novak

Probably the biggest thing we try to fix in the new year is our health. We set goals to lose weight and tone up, but we tend to fail year after year. Being in optimum shape is important to being a good father, husband, and man. If you listen to this show, this could be the year you actually stick to your health resolutions once and for all.

Josiah Novak is the host of The Fit Man Project podcast and the founder of True Transformation. He is back to tell us why we keep failing at our health resolutions and the secrets to creating a plan that we can succeed at.

Get ready to transform your body in 2018 and beyond!

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Heads up: The name of the show for 2018 will be changed to the Dad Edge Podcast. There will be no change in the content or the website, just the new show name and logo. Let us know how you like it!

Josiah Novak

Josiah Novak has been a guest on The Good Project several times. Josiah came from four generations of divorce and abuse. As an adult, he went through a tough time with weight gain and depression. At one point, he was even suicidal. Josiah used fitness to get through living in a dark place.

Josiah didn’t have a father to look up to and it’s his mission is to change the legacy that he comes from and help other people do the same by establishing a foundation of health.

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What You’ll Learn

  1. That only 8% of people follow through with new year’s resolutions
  2. That by June, 92% of people have given up on their new year goals
  3. Why it’s so hard to stick to resolutions
  4. The 2 reasons why waiting for the new year to start working on health goals sets you up for failure
  5. Why searching for a fitness solution is a mistake and what you should be focusing on instead
  6. Why even though the latest trend in diet and fitness works for others, it might not work for you
  7. With all the diet and fitness fads out there, how to find out what works for you
  8. Why and how all diets work
  9. The question every one should ask themselves before adopting a routine
  10. Why it’s more challenging for dads to keep up with a new diet and fitness routine
  11. How to succeed at your health goals even when life happens.
  12. What it means to have an extremely flexible lifestyle
  13. Debunking the “not eating carbs at night” myth
  14. Why you’re getting fat (and it’s not because of carbs)
  15. How eating carbs at night helps you go to sleep
  16. How long it takes for your body to digest and make the food available as energy
  17. How to fuel your next day’s workout
  18. Why you don’t need to eat small frequent meals

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