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Heath Wilson and Joey Odom – How Your Phone is Impacting Your Relationships

Heath Wilson and Joey Odom are the co-founders of Aro, a company focused on helping individuals and families establish healthier relationships with their digital devices. The company’s goal is to create an environment in which people can connect more meaningfully with each other and be more present in their daily lives.

In this deeply engaging episode, we delve into a significant issue facing families today – excessive screen time. Heath Wilson and Joey Odom share personal stories, fascinating insights, and surprising anecdotes about how their creation is impacting households around the world.

In an era dominated by screen-time, maintaining a balanced relationship with our devices is a pressing issue, particularly for families. Heath Wilson and Joey Odom candidly discussed their own struggles with controlling screen time, often mirrored in their children’s behavior. They admired the app’s gamification aspect, which effectively motivates users to engage less with their screens.

Wilson and Odom also shared anecdotes of the app being used creatively–from parents tying weekly allowances to screen-free hours to businesses incentivizing their staff to be more present with customers. They also reflected on their own experiences, showing how the app has transformed their families’ screen habits.

This insightful conversation ultimately highlighted the importance of prioritizing human connection over digital distractions. The app isn’t just about reducing screen time; it’s about fostering a healthier digital lifestyle and reclaiming the valuable moments we often lose to our screens.

Larry’s Takeaways

  1. Screen-free time can have unexpected benefits
  2. Put the phone down, prioritize family.
  3. Prioritize human connection.

What You’ll Learn

00:05:16 Creating an open nest.

00:10:13 Screen time affects relationships negatively.

00:14:48 Reshape phone relationships for success.

00:19:22 Use visual cues for habit-forming.

00:24:08 Reduce phone distraction with Aro.

00:29:06 Gamify family presence with Aro.

00:33:47 Aro box can incentivize behavior.

00:42:39 Put down your phone, be present.

00:49:21 Take a team approach towards reducing phone usage.

00:52:04 Be fully present with your family.

00:56:13 Put down your phone often.

01:00:46 Quality time with kids is valuable.



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