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How to Quit Your Job in 12 Months Part 2 with Ryan Enk

Ryan Enk from CashflowDadlife is back on the show for Part 2 of our series on how to start investing in real estate with little money and no experience.

Ryan helps people achieve financial freedom in one year or less using creative, under-the-radar real estate investment strategies that have huge money-making potential.

Today we talk about how to conquer the fear mindset when real estate investing, how knowledge decreases our investment risk, and how to make the most of the unknown and untapped financial resources that we all have available to us.

Ryan also tells us about his new book, The 7 Day Real Estate Survival Blueprint. The moves Ryan shares in this episode might make your head explode a little bit, so make sure you download it to listen again later.

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Ryan Enk

If you listened to Part 1 of this series on passive income real estate investing, then you know that Ryan Enk began his journey into real estate investing after hurricane Katrina left him and his pregnant wife without a home and completely broke.

Ryan started real estate investing with little money and no knowledge about real estate, but he was determined to get out of his unfulfilling job and achieve financial freedom. Ryan summoned all his gifts and talents and combined them with all the knowledge and resources at his disposal. In just 12 months, he quit his job.

Now Ryan Enk shares his creative strategies so that other men starting from the bottom can also achieve financial freedom in a year or less!

What You’ll Learn

  • What the most common perceived risks are, like:
    • Market downturns
    • Tenant damage
    • Unpaid rent
  • How to never lose money real estate investing
  • How to tell the difference between a legitimate fear and an excuse
  • How to buy a home using credit cards
  • How to lower risk when leasing a home by “becoming the bank”
  • The other benefits of owner financing
  • How to find out where all the best real estate investing opportunities are in your area
  • How to set up your passive income system
  • What is wholesaling and how it works
  • What is a sandwich lease option and how to set it up
  • A financial freedom strategy for the man in a tight spot financially
  • A financial freedom strategy for high-earners who don’t have time to learn real estate investing
  • How to tap into your existing network to find real estate deals
  • His new new book that outlines how to supercharge your way to $10,000 over the next 30 days
  • Ryan Enk’s message for people who are still undecided about starting in real estate investing

[bctt tweet=”‘The coolest things you can do in real estate, you can do without the banks.’—Ryan Enk @cashflowdadlife #realestate #investing #homes #finance #money #dads #fathers #fi” username=”gooddadprojct”]

How to Quit Your Job in 12 Months with Ryan Enk


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