Raising Kids with a Positive Mindset with Urijah Faber

Urijah Faber is an American mixed martial artist who is signed to the Ultimate Fighting Championship. He competed as a bantamweight and formerly competed as a featherweight. He is also the founder of Team Alpha Male

Faber was an NCAA wrestler. With his base in wrestling, he later started Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Faber won the WEC Featherweight Championship at WEC in 2006, and held the title for over two and a half years.

What You’ll Learn

04:14 On his dad

Urijah Faber says his dad shaped his life in the sense that he is a super positive person, and when he grew up he always made sure to be there for him, he would drop everything for Urijah. Despite having suffered certain negative incidents in his life, Urijah Faber’s dad has always kept a positive attitude and has always supported them unconditionally.

06:46 On how his dad became the way he is

10:21 On Urijah Faber being a dad


13:32 On being a solution guy

15:24 On knowing where to put your focus

17:32 On awareness

When you realize that you can make adjustments and being introspective is important and matters in his life.

21:10 On his favorite quote

Urijah shares the power of quotes and positivity in the household. 

22:02 What can you control

Urijah talks about what can be controlled and what can’t. This helps us determine what we can do to put ourselves in a different mindset. 

22:43 On the things you can and can’t control

24:38 On his kids and the future

Urijah Faber answers a question from Larry about what would be the most significant thing that hasn’t happened 10 years from now in his children’s lives. For Urijah Faber it is a healthy development but above all that they know how to develop in a positive way, seeing him as an example of who he surrounds himself with. For Urijah Faber it is very important that his children grow up to contribute positively in society, but above all that they are happy and content.

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