Raising Strong, Confident Daughters with Madeline Anderson

Madeline Anderson is an author and entrepreneur. She has a passion for neuroscience, psychology, writing, and speaking. She is the daughter of a Girl Dad and spent years interviewing a wide array of fathers and daughters to write her heartfelt book on how to be the best father to a daughter. Madeline graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles in 2019 with a degree in Business Economics.

Her book Girl Dad is an anecdotal, relatable, and heartfelt book that will make you laugh, smile, and learn as you enjoy stories from real Girl Dads and their daughters. After reading Girl Dad, you will be equipped with tips, tricks, and tools that have been proven successful for creating a strong relationship with your daughter.

What You’ll Learn

05:33 On how the idea for Girl Dad, her first book, came about

08:30 To build good self-esteem in your daughter, you must show her that you are proud of her but also teach her how to be proud of herself.

09:16 on confidence

09:50 about teaching her values ​​that you think are important, but that she learns to recognize in herself and feel proud of.

12:51 Madeline Anderson’s dad taught her about resilience by teaching her about failure, it’s okay to talk about it, and how you can improve and what can you learn from failures

15:34 A story of failure and recovery

Madeline Anderson tell the story of when she was in a golf match and was having a very bad game, then she remembered what her dad had taught her: the past is in the past, you have to pick up yourself no matter what, now what can you do to improve and recover the game. And it is a lesson that Madeline Anderson values ​​very much since she has been able to apply it in many areas of her life.

22:09 Am I worthy of my dad’s heart? Madeline Anderson answers that question

23:26 Madeline Anderson talks about the importance of having your father’s love and support, especially when girls are in adolescence, because for many reasons they can say they don’t need it, but the truth is different: they do want and need love and support from her dad.

26:22 Meaningful ways to connect with your daughter

27:01 On knowing your daughter and her interests

29:40 Being present is a present

32:20 Work-life balance, a way to inspire your daughter

Madeline Anderson says that it’s very important for a daughter to be able to have good communication with her dad, and above all to talk openly about his work so that he can teach her the positive things and she can be inspired to be the same way. Because if you’re complaining all the time, you’re teaching her that work is terrible and you could demotivate her and that there are things you don’t like and yet you put them before your daughter. So it is important to teach her the positive things and that you do what you do for her.

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