How to Tap Into Your PEAK Performance

How to Tap into Your PEAK Performance with Mike Flynn

Mike Flynn is the host of the Impact Entrepreneur podcast and is here to tell us how to tap into peak performance on a daily basis by using the P.E.A.K. system. He also answers some heavy questions from Dad Edge Alliance members. Get ready to achieve your desired reality!

Mike Flynn’s Story

Mike believes that everything great is born from a place of adversity or pain, and this is where his story begins. Although he swore he would never join the family business as a financial advisor, he did anyway and suffered through the financial crisis.

He was under tremendous stress and gained weight till he was up to 250 pounds. He knew he had to do something to change, and he thought it was his job. He was involved with a mastermind group of other finance professionals at that time, and went there to tell them that he was done with the industry and leaving.

Luckily, that day there was a speaker who asked him a simple yet profound question–what was his “one thing?” He had been pursuing material wealth and prestige, but he knew right away that his “one thing” was his family. He had been chasing the wrong things in life all along. Once he defined his family as his purpose, everything else fell into place.

Over the past few years Mike Flynn has recognized that…

The greatest crisis Americans face today is not a financial one, but a lack of purpose.

This is where the idea for the Impact Entrepreneur podcast came from.

The P.E.A.K. System

Mike Flynn says that performance is a journey, not a result. People are always waiting for a trigger. They are waiting for the conditions to be right to pursue their dreams. The P.E.A.K. system puts people in the optimal mindset and environment for high performance.


Ask yourself, what role do I play in other people’s stories? The number one reason relationships fail is because you’ve taken the wrong role. You’ve tried to be the hero of someone else’s story.

Start where you’re at. Analyze, what your current reality is. Single out five beliefs that are keeping you stuck in your current reality. Then, think about your desired reality. List the five new beliefs you need to adopt to get there. Next, list five people who you believe are already living your desired reality. Write down how you know them and how you will contact them. Watch them. Learn from them. This will get you started in making sure you are in the right position for success.


Ask yourself, what has my attention? Today, a multitude of things are stealing our attention. We are suddenly held captive by the urgent but unimportant things. Notifications, emails, work distractions. These will not help the ability to succeed. We constantly respond to other people’s thoughts and needs while ignoring our own. We are not engaged or focused in our activities.

How do we engage?

  1. Visualization – Visualize your next challenge. Include adversity in visualization. See things go wrong and how you deal with it.
  2. Presence – Once you’ve visualized the scenario, be present in the real moment. Since you did the work up front, you can take your three speeds of thought (awareness, attention, mood) and laser focus it onto the task at hand.
  3. Reflection – Take 15 to 30 minutes to analyze everything that happened. What went right? What went wrong?


Ask yourself, what’s at stake if I don’t take action? People usually focus on results and often stop before they start. Mike says we must take small urgent steps without focusing on the outcome. The small steps make breakthroughs that give access to the big steps.

Too many people are focused on having something instead of becoming something. 


Ask yourself, what could my reality be if I involved other people? Now you’re properly positioned. You’re being engaged and focused. You’ve begun taking action. Think of a lone violinist. The music is incredibly beautiful by itself, but once you add other instruments it becomes a symphony. Amazing things happen between the musicians as they collaborate. There is also a reciprocal feedback being exchanged between the audience and the musicians that makes the experience grow that much more. This is what happens when you surround yourself with the right people and create positive reactions.

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