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It’s ok to make mistakes. As a matter of fact, it’s the mistakes we make that craft our lives. Our culture, though, has made mistakes seem like the ultimate failure, conditioning us to avoid them and, in turn, teach our children to do the same. Unfortunately, this mindset cripples us and keeps us from taking the necessary risks to improve our lives. With this said, if we teach our children this way of thinking, we cripple their potential.


Niyi Sobo, former running back for the New Orleans Saints and founder of I’m Not You, practices the mindset of failing forward. Learned from his own father, Niyi Sobo teaches his own children that mistakes in life are necessary and are actually good.


Niyi Sobo on Taking Risks


Sometimes, we don’t want to do things even when we have to. If we don’t, though, we will not get the results we want. Even worse, we then teach our kids that it’s ok to skip out of the hard work it takes to reap rewards. When we push ourselves past our comfort zones, we demonstrate for our kids that they can reach beyond their current potential.


Every Day is a Lesson


Ever wake up and nothing seems to go right-the kids don’t want to get ready for school, the disposal backs up, the dog decides to go for an unexpected run around the block when you need to leave for work? The common response is, “well this day is ruined.” Is it? Look at these things differently. Yes, the morning’s events did not go as you planned, but look back at the morning and see what really was going on. Once you’ve looked at the day’s events, reflect on what you can do differently, or what went well, and use this as a growth experience.


Apology. Accepted.


You’ve made a mistake. This mistake has possibly negatively affected someone else. It’s hard to accept when we’ve made a mistake and it’s really hard when we have to swallow our pride. But when we apologize for the mistake and own it, we not only show the other person we are sorry (which goes a long way, by the way), we can also take a lesson from the mistake. So, the mistake is two-fold, the apology is made, and we accept our failure as a lesson for the future. An added bonus is that our children see how we have handled the situation and are more likely to model their behavior after it.


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