Making Moments for Your Family with Jon Vroman

Making Moments for Your Family with Jon Vroman

We never know how many moments we have left. This is why we shouldn’t wait for special moments to spontaneously happen. It’s our responsibility as dads to create moments that enrich our lives and add to our family histories.

Motivational Speaker, Coach, and Author Jon Vroman is back on the show. He is here to tell us all about hope, celebration, and living in the moment. He also tells us how to prevent ourselves from projecting limiting beliefs on our kids, how to honor what’s in our hearts, and how to take a front row seat in our lives!

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Jon Vroman’s Story

Jon grew up with two great parents. His dad was a Navy captain who worked hard all his life and taught Jon integrity, discipline, and focus. His mom worked with special ed. kids until she became a stay-at-home mom. They moved around frequently and that is how Jon fell in love with adventure, travel, and meeting new people.

It’s hard to believe, but Jon was a small kid and got bullied in high school. In Sophomore year, he was told by a doctor that he had the body of a 9-year-old. He eventually received growth hormone treatment and became the strong man he is today. Even though it was a tough experience, Jon says it’s how he learned to care for people. This is why he focuses on loving people and lifting them up. He wants them to feel significant, validated, and celebrated.

Even as a young man, Jon realized he was lacking community. Then he started selling knives at 18 years old with Cutco Cutlery. This summer job turned into a 14-year career and the company became the community he always wanted and needed. His best friends are from the same group, some of whom have been on this show. Eventually he learned what he needed to know to become an entrepreneur. Now he speaks, writes books, and helps people live in the front row.

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What You’ll Learn

  • How easy it is to limit our children with our own fears
  • How we treat people and our children as who they were in the past instead of the now
  • How to make decisions for your kids with certainty
  • How to live life honoring your heart
  • How to transform your life with the magic of moment-making
  • Why it’s our responsibility as dads to make moment for our families
  • How to become not only moment-makers for our families, but for other people’s kids and families
  • How Jon Vroman’s charity helps individuals and families who are braving critical health challenges to “live life in the front row”
  • How working with people facing death has allowed him to live more fully
  • The difference between hope and wishful thinking
  • The importance of everyday celebrations
  • How to create anticipation
  • How to navigate the past, present, and future moments
  • How to make the most of your seat in life

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