Don Manning – Family Vision 101

Don Manning is a father of seven children and the co-founder of Crazy Cool Family. With three decades of marriage experience, Don has paved the way for success in the family relationship category. He emphasizes the importance of embracing differences for stronger relationships and prioritizing growth.

In this episode, Larry interviews Don Manning, a father of seven children. Don shares his experience of raising a blended family with four girls and three boys. He discusses the challenges he faced and his determination to figure it all out. Don also talks about the genesis of his project, Crazy Cool Family, which aims to help other parents navigate the complexities of parenting.

Differences in marriage provide opportunities for personal development. When faced with differences, individuals are challenged to step out of their comfort zones and learn new ways of thinking and being. This growth can lead to increased self-awareness, empathy, and a broader perspective on life. Don mentions that his wife’s relational orientation has taught him valuable lessons about family relationships, highlighting the importance of understanding and appreciating the unique strengths that each partner brings to the marriage.

It is important to note that embracing differences in marriage requires effort and a willingness to learn and grow together. It is not always easy, and conflicts may arise along the way. However, by viewing differences as opportunities rather than obstacles, couples can transform their challenges into catalysts for personal and relational development.

Larry’s Takeaways

  1. Relationships require clear communication. 
  2. Focus on improving family relationships. 
  3. Equip men for stronger family relationships. 

What You’ll Learn

00:02:08 Embrace differences for stronger relationships.

00:05:29 Embrace differences and prioritize growth.

00:15:03 Surrender is power under control.

00:16:22 Don’t let surrender mean passivity.

00:26:34 Importance of self-reflection in relationships.

00:32:32 Teaching men to win at family.

00:38:24 Learning together in faith journey.

00:42:09 Religious experiences can be damaging.

00:50:23 Parent from belief, not fear.

00:52:07 Overcoming fear through faith.

00:58:09 Equip men for better family relationships.

01:03:08 Learn from those who’ve succeeded.


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