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How to Have Healthy Arguments Even in Front of the Kids

On this week’s Thursday Throwdown, we’re following up on our last episode with Peter Sacco about how to argue with your spouse. We will all have disagreements with our partner every now and then. This is normal and couples who don’t bring up difficult subjects are in danger of letting issues go unresolved or allowing resentment build until it explodes. Here are 4 tips to have a healthy argument with your partner while setting an example for your kids about how to resolve disagreements without anger.

  1. Don’t raise your voices or yell at each other. Keep your tone even and controlled.
  2. Do not call each other names. You are the grown-ups.
  3. If the argument is not going anywhere, walk away. Some times one or both of you need space to calm down or think. Take a time out and come back to the discussion later.
  4. Be mindful of your behavior. You’re setting an example for your kids. What do you want them to see?

Mentioned Episode: How to Argue with Your Spouse with Peter Sacco



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