How do you greet your family after a long day of work?

Greetings GDP readers!  I have a bit of a “combo blog” for you this week.  This blog is really two-fold…

#1.  I wanted to recognize another amazing Dad in our community.

#2.  Write about something this Dad has been able to master that a lot of us (including me) haven’t been able to master.

Let me start with a struggle I have yet to master (but diligently working on it).

To be brutally honest and transparent, I have struggled with how to be positive when I walk through my front door after a long day of work.  Some days can be such a roller coaster ride when it comes to our jobs/careers.  Moreover, men in general (me included), seek validation and value from their place of work.

If our jobs are stressful and not fulfilling, it can definitely have a tendency to spill over into our quality time with our families.

My 8 year old, Ethan, has becoming keenly aware of how my day went just by reading my body language and actions when I walk through the door.  No matter how much I try and hide the stress of the day, he seems to always pick up on it.  I guess I am not very good at hiding my stress even if I am quiet about it.

Some days all I have to do is walk in, he looks at my face, and says:  “Bad day?”  LOL!  Observant kiddo!

I have always been pretty envious of fathers who are able to shrug off their daunting days in the workplace and be in great moods when they walk through the door at night.

On a positive note, I know full well this is a weakness of mine.  The first step of self improvement is knowing where your weak spots are and implementing a strategy to overcome it.  There are days when I will sit in my car or office at the end of the day and say a prayer.  I pray that I can be the best version of myself when I walk through that front door.  No matter how defeated I may feel from the day…I need to let it go.  Otherwise, all that stress and defeat just continues into the evening.

Another great strategy is improving your mindset from the “outside in.”  Meaning, if you are feeling pretty stressed from the work day and trying to get out of that funk, turn on a podcast that is uplifting and positive.  There are so many out there that can life your spirit.


Now, let’s move on to the “Dad of the Week.”

I received an email from Katie Hanna about her husband, Steve.  Check out what she said about him…

“Steve and I met in 2004 and have been together ever since, he has been a GREAT step daddy to my son Jacob since the age of 3. We have been together ever since.


Steve helped teach Jacob to read, spell, and more=) It is a great relationship.

Since 2004 we have had twins girls Myah and McKenna in 2012, They have been a great addition in our family.


Steve blossomed even more as a daddy. Steve is such a great guy, he busts his hump at work working 50 hrs plus to support our lil clan.

While I average 32 hrs every two weeks. I am so proud to call him my fiancée;) Things are not easy with toddler twins and a pre teen but at the end of the day Steve is there for not only me but for all of our kids with a smile on his face kisses to give and hugs to mend a bad day. Not sure where I would be without Steve, he has helped me though so much!!!


Our kids get sooooo excited when he arrives home from work and Steve is there open arms for all of our kids Steve is such a wonderful dad. I cant imagine having kids with anyone else!!!”


Katie points out so many solid attributes about Steve’s work ethic.  He is obviously a hard worker.  However, she recognizes that he greets his kids in such a positive way when he gets home.  I have no doubt Steve has rough days…so, it is pretty awesome that he just dives right into the moment with open arms and sets the stage for a positive evening with the family.

Katie, thanks for taking the time to write in about Steve!  It’s Dads like Steve that do the critical little things that inspire us all to strive to be better every day.

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