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How to Unlock ADHD Superpowers with Peter Shankman

Could the country’s behavioral epidemic actually have benefits? In this episode, Peter Shankman shares how to unlock ADHD superpowers.

Peter Shankman has spent the past twenty years as an entrepreneur, a bestselling author, and a public speaker who teaches hundreds of thousands of people how to improve their personal and professional lives. Peter is the father of a three-year-old girl. He has also been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD.

So how did someone with ADHD become so successful? Peter believes his ADD/ADHD is a gift and hosts The Faster Than Normal Podcast, which discusses the benefits of  the fast brain and how to leverage it to make extraordinary achievements in life.

The ADD/ADHD Epidemic

Lately it seems that one or more kids or adults in every family is diagnosed with ADD or ADHD. Many speculate something must be causing it. Is it processed food? Is it too much technology? Or toxins in the environment?

Peter says ADHD has always existed; there was just no name for it until now. He also says people with a fast moving brain are the ones throughout history who attempted crazy exploits and dared to make the greatest discoveries.

Medication and ADD/ADHD

Medication is the standard treatment once a doctor diagnoses a someone with ADD/ADHD. Many parents are apprehensive about putting their child on medication, but they don’t know what else to do to help their kid get through school and deal with life.

Peter says medication is helpful. The problem is when nothing else is done to modify behavior. Once the child becomes an adult and has to stop taking the drugs, the problem is comes back. They don’t have any tools to manage their condition. They will often turn to other drugs to replace what they had been giving during childhood. This is why so many with ADD/ADHD struggle with addiction and compulsive behavior.

Therapy and ADD/ADHD

Peter Shankman says he was fortunate to have started seeing a therapist at the age of twelve, and this was a tremendous help to him. He says it’s important to discuss our flaws and grow with them. Teaching kids cognitive behavioral therapy or dialectical behavior therapy gives them a better chance of being able to manage once medication is stopped.

Tips on how to manage ADD/ADHD

Peter is a single dad and only has time to go to the gym when his daughter is with her mother. On days she is with him, he has to be there, so he gets up at 3am to exercise on his bike for 2 hours. He knows that if he starts his day without a workout, “it’s a lesser day.”

Simplify your Life
Peter says that something as simple as having to decide what to wear can send him down the rabbit hole. To avoid this, he tries to eliminate as many choices as possible. The less you have to think to run your daily life, the more room you’ll have to think about important ideas and bigger picture goals.

Understand Yourself
ADD/ADHD not a disease, like cancer. It’s something that can be worked with. It’s important for kids and adults to remember that there is nothing wrong with being different and that they can learn how their brain works so that they can use it in a way that will benefit them.

In addition to The Faster than Normal Podcast, Peter Shankman created a course for adults to learn how to unlock their ADHD superpowers. He says that, with the right guidance, people with ADD/ADHD can use their superpower to do more in one hour than most people do in a day, and turn their ideas into great accomplishments.



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