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Understanding How Food Impacts Our Lives with Barton Scott

Barton Scott

Barton Scott is a Chemical Engineer, Nutritionist, and founder of UpgradedFormulas.com. Barton is passionate about helping people combat the stressors of daily life, the toxicity of the modern world, the utter lack of nutrients, and the mineral absorption issues that we all face. He has made it his mission to reduce suffering by increasing the public’s understanding of the human body’s interrelationships.

Scott started his business, Upgraded Formulas, when he began to have short-term memory loss and brain fogginess. Scott, a Chemical Engineer, had a very sharp mind and was always on top of his game. However, when he started to experience brain fog, he knew something was up. It was after years of reading and research that Barton realized he was deficient in minerals. After performing multiple tests, he discovered a test that actually delivered meaningful results. Barton knew all the supplements he would have to take in order to remedy his problem. However, Barton knew that mineral supplements had trouble dissolving into the body. The purpose of Upgraded Formulas was to upgrade the mineral formulas, so they could better absorb into the body and produce astronomical results.

Using his background in Chemical Engineering and nutrition, Barton created mineral supplements that actually worked. The website provides an at-home hair test that you send in to the company, so they can test what minerals you are deficient in, and recommend a product for you. Barton’s research and knowledge is astounding and enlightening in our world today. We are so consumed with food, but we don’t realize that most of the foods we eat, don’t contain the minerals we need for health. Barton’s mission is to educate people to understand the purpose of how the food we eat affects our health, and what we can do to fix it.

What You’ll Learn: 


Barton introduces himself and talks about his journey.


Barton talks about his ADHD diagnosis and his decisions from there on out.


Barton tells us why physicians are so quick to handout medication to people with ADHD. You have to make your own health decisions when it comes to your body.


Barton talks about how important getting your nutrition aligned is and how we eat way more than we need to.


Medicine doesn’t fix everything.


Barton talks about the main deficiencies in children with ADHD and how packaged food isn’t adequately providing the nutrients they need.


Barton talks about what different vitamins and minerals the body needs.


Barton talks about how the food we eat affects our daily functions and deficiencies.


Barton talks about ED and its causes.


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Barton Scott




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