Becoming Your Family’s Spiritual Leader with Joe Martin

I am joined by Dr. Joe Martin today and he is the founder of Real Men Connect. Dr. Martin is passionate about helping Christian men win. The truth is that every Christian man wants to be a a godly husband, father and provider for his family, but we are afraid of failing in our role as Christian leaders. Deep down inside, most of us dont know how to be a godly man. Dr. Joe Martin survived poverty, abuse, addiction and know dedicates his life help men, just like you write their comeback story. So let’s get into the show and hone in on this important aspect as men as spiritual leaders for ourselves and our families.

What You’ll Learn

4:37 Going from rags to riches, from ruin to redemption
Joe shares what it was like for him coming up as a boy around

9:35 Growing up around males
“You are a male by birth, but you are a man by choice”. Not one boy I met in my childhood has a father in the home. Joe did not see a real father in the home until he was 33 years old.

13:08 Meeting a parental figure for the first time
Joe shares the story of how at 33 years old he met a man who invited him to his home and for 7 days, shared his roof. He would invite Joe to put his sons to sleep, his daughters to pray. Joe was impacted by this tremendously.

18:17 Modeling the perfect man
Joe talks to his mom about his experience in meeting someone who led by example, guiding their family towards Jesus. He tells him mother about how this man would thank his wife at least 3 times for the meal she prepared and had his children thank her as well. This man, who is also a teacher like Joe and he shared with him how it is crucial to leave a generational faith.

32:40 What Jesus Doesn’t Say
Joe talks about how Jesus told his disciples, GO MAKE DISCIPLES. He chose those words. And so by example, Joe saw a new path and created his organization.

39:30 On Becoming The Man
Joe shares what his past life was like and how his changes are not impacting his daughter.

47:43 Joe’s Mission
“Give me just 300 men who love God, hate sin, fear nothing and claim to know nothing but Jesus Christ crucified, I will set the world on fire.” Joe Wesley

55:45 Be You, Do me
“Do what You see me do”. Joe speaks about how God spoke to his heart and how he told his son about it and his daughter afterwards.

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