Raising Strong Daughters

Raising Strong Daughters


Raising Strong Daughters and Healthy Addictions are the themes of today’s Five Minute Thursday GDP Podcast.

The words “healthy” and “addiction” certainly don’t seem synonymous. As a matter of fact, one seems to be the panacea to the other. But healthy can be an addiction when it’s done at the cost of other important elements in our lives.

Maybe you’re training for that IronMan that’s on your bucket list or spending an inordinate amount of time perfecting your golf game. Take a moment. Where are you spending the majority of your time outside of work? Are you giving your family the same time as you are giving that healthy addiction? We’re not saying you should give it up, simply be aware of the quality of time you are giving all areas of your life. Even the most well-intentioned of us can create an imbalance in our lives if we are not aware of what we are doing. In this 5 Minute Thursday, I cover this issue and dive into my own struggle with a healthy addiction; shedding some light on how to overcome this challenge.


Raising Strong Daughters

Speaking of imbalances, we’ve noticed at the GDP our tendency to focus on fathers and sons and not so much on fathers and raising strong daughters. So, we’ve listened to you and are bringing you a guest that will tackle that wonderful but mysterious world of raising strong women (stay tuned).

We also have a few other exciting surprises in store (details on this 5 Minute Thursday podcast).  Below are the links I mentioned in this episode.  Make sure you check out The Driven for Excellence Summit with Charlie “The Spaniard” Brenneman, Ryan Michler, and myself.

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Thank you for checking out this week’s show on raising strong daughters and healthy addictions.

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