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Your Most Precious Asset with Lucas Black

Lucas Black, my celebrity guest today shares his story and a decision and why he temporarily left the Hollywood celebrity scene to spend more time with his wife and kids.

He also talks about why his faith is such a foundational part of his. And why time is the most precious asset we have. 

Lucas York Black is an American film and television actor best known as the main character Sean Boswell in The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, along with his other known roles such as Caleb Temple in the CBS television series American Gothic, and Special Agent Christopher LaSalle on CBS’s NCIS: New Orleans. His notable films include Sling Blade, Crazy in Alabama, and Friday Night Lights.

What You’ll Learn

5:14 What it was like to be an actor from a young age

Lucas Black talks about how when he started working as an actor at a very young age, it was a learning experience for him and his family. Something very important is that his parents are people of great faith and based on that they decided which roles he would accept to work in, also so that he could have the most normal childhood possible. It helped that he grew up in a middle-class family in a small Alabama town and that his neighbors did not treat him any differently.

Lucas Black acknowledges all the effort and sacrifices his parents made in order to support him in his acting career.

11:49 On leaving NCIS to spend more time with his family

14:02 On being intentional about what’s important

15:32 “Don’t come home with a wallet full of cash and a house full of strangers” Lucas Black shares his thoughts on this quote

18:03 On marriage

19:16 On being intentional about your marriage

21:33 On his new project: Legacy Peak

22:43 On what he loved about his character in Legacy Peak

25:00 Faith and a front row seat to a functional marriage

Lucas Black says that in 10 years what he wants his children to remember is how he and his wife modeled marriage and set the example for them.

He says that today he sees many young people waiting until their mid-thirties to get married and start a family, and he believes it has something to do with a generation ago there were these beliefs that you had to wait until you had a good education, some job or financial stability, but in reality what you need, according to Lucas Black is to find a good partner.

Problems in a marriage are going to happen whether you get married at 20 or 40, but you have to know how to work as a team with your partner, face problems together and grow to improve each other.

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