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What is Your WHY

Your Why…is it to be your best?  Is it to live a fulfilled life?  To selflessly serve others?  To be financially free?  To be healthy?  What is it?  Chances are you never got really clear on it…now is the time to get clear on your why!

You’re in your car and you’re going to work. You know exactly where you are going and the possible barriers to getting there. You have a mission. If we broaden that perspective to our lives, we might be able to understand and better predict the issues that may come up. Sometimes, though, we lose focus of where we are going or want to go and become bogged down in the everyday tasks that frustrate us. We lose our mission.

Your Why and One Vision

Angry, frustrated, tired. And you wake up then next morning and do it all over again. The same job, the same chores when you get home, the same arguments with your spouse. Then you ask yourself, “why?”.  That’s the right question. Once you’re there, search for your answer.  It’ll take some digging, but once you get to the core, you will have your vision.

Toss the Ego

Your ego may be the biggest challenge to identifying your why. You’ve got to check it at the proverbial door. In order to be the best father, husband and overall man you can be, you have to answer that one question.

Lead by example for you and those who look up to you. Having a why (your vision), will help you keep focus when you start to get off track and will set the stage for a better life.


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