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The Miracle Morning for Parents with Mike McCarthy

Mike McCarthy Miracle Morning for Parents will be a cornerstone book for this generation of parents.

Mornings. The alarm goes off, you hit the snooze button- once, twice, maybe three times and it is at this point you are wondering why you even set an alarm. You roll out of bed, that first step on the floor jerks you into the reality of the day ahead; getting the kids ready for school (of course they are just as excited to get out of bed as you are), work, traffic, after school activities and maybe a rushed dinner and then back to the soft comfort of your mattress to do it all over again. How we approach our mornings sets  the tone for the rest of our day.

Mike McCarthy Miracle Morning for Parents

Mike McCarthy knows this. As the author of The Miracle Morning for parents (co-authored by Hal Elrod), Mike has developed a proven process to help you not only embrace your mornings, but get you so you improve your life and that of your family. The Miracle Morning works on the premise of being deliberate in your daily actions. As a father, Mike has created The Miracle Mornings for Parents and Families, focusing on CHARMS: Creativity, Health, Affirmation, Reading and Service.

In Their Terms

Because kids don’t always enjoy journaling, Mike approaches kids through how they wish to express themselves, through creativity. So, have your child begin their day expressing their gratitude through whichever creative outlet they can.

Healthy Kids

Teach your children to fuel their bodies right in the morning. The old adage that breakfast is the most important meal of the day still rings true. Make sure you don’t skip it and work with your children to teach them to prepare the best foods to fuel their body.


A positive mindset can change how anyone sees a situation. Helping our kids look at even the most difficult situations through a positive lens will help them to courage through the tough times. Work with them to create an affirmation statement that will resonate with them when they begin down a negative spiral.


It is only through educating ourselves that we gain knowledge and wisdom to better themselves as people. Demonstrating this habit through reading will teach your kids to continually improve themselves and keep their minds focused on positive thoughts.


Meditation refocuses the mind and helps us to see situations in a different light. Unfortunately, many of us were not raised with this simple yet incredibly effective practice. Gift your children with this method and teach them early on to bring their minds back to focus. This will help your children find solace whenever they need it.


This last element teaches kids to give back. It is a form of gratitude that will help them to be mindful of other’s needs. It’s amazing how wonderful it can be to give back and to teach a child how to be grateful through service is a gift in itself.

Your morning ritual may need an overhaul as well as that of your kids’. Try practicing these these techniques to help give your and your family a better start to everyday.


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