New Dads: 1st Month-1st Year – Where did My Marriage go?

One of the biggest fears I hear from new dads is, “What will happen to my marriage after we have kids?”

I remember feeling this way and being pretty darn terrified. Jess and I were married for three years before having our first. Those first three years were filled with date nights, entertaining friends, and even some travel. We came and went as we pleased. We had no curfews, no babysitters, and no real obligations.

So, the burning question was: “How would a baby change us? Would it strengthen our relationship or tear us apart?”

Here is what I can tell you seven years and three sons later….

Yes, things did change. Most changes were positive. Some took time to get used to.

To be honest, I don’t remember what life was like before my sons. Jess and I have to work as a team to divide and conquer. We have school, homework, sports, and family time. We even have time to squeeze in some much needed date nights and a social life.

Our relationship is actually stronger now then it was when we first got married ten years ago. However, it has taken a great deal of love, patience, and strength. We have always made it a top priority to have ample time for family. On the flip side, we have always made our own time a priority as well. We have always made it a point to sit down and talk at least once through out the day without distraction. We have also made it a point to have at least one date night a month. We have found that if we don’t make time to do those two critical things, we start to lose our connection.

Two simple ways to make sure you and your spouse stay connected are: Communication and a Date Night

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