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The Greatness Within You with Steve Weatherford

My guest today is a 2-time nominated most fittest NFL football player that has ever walked the planet. Steve Weatherford, is an incredible athlete and superbowl champion.

The podcast is a bit of a surprise. We recorded this at Steve’s house and my son Mason joined in for the interview. 

We spent the first half of the show talking about his walk with faith. We also talk about mindset and fatherhood. 

What You’ll Learn

5:50 Interview Begins

7:40 Restoring your Order

Steve Weatherford talks about what he does in order to restore himself. He shares that he now has a routine of having some quiet time in the sauna and that requires him to do some breathing which allows him to restore the order within himself.

10:33 Real Leadership

Steve gives some insight on training youself to become a great leader. Do not lead with your emotions and passions. He dives deeper into why passion should be fuel, but not the REASON you lead.

12:20 Steve praying

Steve Weatherford takes the time to pray before Larry and him continue the podcast.

17:17 Preferences vs. Principles

Steve describes the difference betweet preferences and principles and taking to the edge to blind yourself out from the world to find your values and be a spiritual leader for your family.

24:34 Describing Holy Spirit

Steve Weatherford takes a moment to describe what the holy spirit is and the importance for it in our lives.

26:07 Relationship with God

Steve talks about the difference between religion and the relationship with God. He talks about a moment in his life when he made a mistake and crashed his car.

31:11 Submission to Men

Steve Weatherford makes a suggestion that all men should have someone in their life who can guide them and make them aware of their blindspots in order to help them grow.

40:32 Stand In Your Father’s Shoulders

Steve puts out a challenge to re-scan your childhood to see how your father showed up in order to understand we are a beneficiary of our father’s greatness.

49:03 Core Values

Larry Hagner and Steve Weatherford talk about core values and why they are so important in every man’s life.

54:21 Becoming a Dangerous Man

Steve Weatherford describes what a dangerous man is and it’s probably not what you are thinking.

60:00 What advice would you give your 14 yr. self

Larry’s son Mason got to ask Steve this question, Steve talks about how as a professional football player, it is easy to get carried away by the lights, the money, etc. As an adult now, he tells Mason that the one piece of advice that he would tell himself is.. YOU ARE ENOUGH.

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