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6 Essential Steps to Achieving Your Goals for 2017

New Year’s is almost here and most of us busy dads are already thinking of what we’d like to accomplish in 2017. It’s easy to set goals, but how do we make sure we reach them?

We can start by setting SMART goals. SMART is an acronym for five goal requirements. Today we talk about these 5 steps to achieving your goals, plus one bonus step!

How to set SMART Goals

1. Make the Goal Specific

The more general the goal is, less likely to conquer it because you won’t have a definite target.

2. Make the Measurable

That which doesn’t get measured, doesn’t get accomplished.

3. Make the Goal Achievable

If you set yourself up for an unrealistic goal, you’re setting yourself up for failure.

4. Make the Relevant

The goal must be beneficial to your life, otherwise you won’t be motivated to go through with it.

5. Make the Goal Time Sensitive

Set a time limit to give a sense of urgency.


And for the bonus step.

6. The Goal Must Be Aligned with Your “Why”

When your goals are aligned with your life’s purpose, you will pursue them with passion.



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