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Take Care of YOU So You Can Serve Others

Take care of yourself. Simple message, you’ve heard it before. You make sure you get that message across to those you love. Unfortunately, there is one person in your life who you love that may not be heeding that message-you. What you may be doing, instead, is sacrificing yourself, thinking you are doing the best you can for your family when, in reality, you are being a martyr and being self-destructive.


You do everything you can to be the best for your family; you go to work, you play with your kids, you spend time with your spouse and you make time for your friends. You are selfless, but are you? Really? Your inaction in taking care of yourself may be creating an unwanted and totally opposite response to the selfless man you are trying to be. It may seem counter-intuitive, but taking the time to pay attention to our health, physical, mental and spiritual, should be primary in our lives if we really want to show up as selfless men. After all, how can we be our best for others if we aren’t best to ourselves?

Take Care of You and Be the Example

As we say time and again on the GDP, our children and those around us, look to us to set an example. We simply cannot expect our children to grow up as whole adults if we are not whole ourselves. And, since when was it ever considered ok to let ourselves go? We certainly would not want our children or our spouse to sacrifice their health and sanity in the name of selflessness. So, go to the gym, play that round of golf, go out with your friends-whatever it is that takes care of you.


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