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How Your Childhood Can Affect Your Parenting Style And Learning “The Order Of Man” With Ryan Michler – GDP017

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How Your Childhood Can Affect Your Parenting Style And Learning “The Order Of Man” With Ryan Michler – GDP017

Is it possible to be a good dad even if you grew up in a fatherless environment as a kid?


Is it possible to learn a positive parenting style for your own kids even if your own father was abusive or struggled with an addiction?


Episode Overview:

In this episode, Larry and Shawn interview Ryan Michler, father of 3 and founder of “THE ORDER OF MAN.”  Ryan’s background is very unique.  He grew up virtually in a fatherless environment for most of his childhood.  During the time his father was present, he struggled with a drug and alcohol addiction.  Ryan shares with us how he struggled with he first became a father 7 years ago.  Ryan openly admits, “I felt like in the beginning I was kind of a jerk…but I knew I wanted to give my kids better than what I had growing up.”  Ryan never had a drug or alcohol problem, but struggled with not knowing exactly how to be a dad with his own unique parenting style.  Like so many of us who didn’t have a positive father figure growing up, we can struggle with knowing exactly what to do.  However, there are dads who take action and decide to make a conscious decision to be better.  Ryan shares some of his insights and what he has learned since he has launched the ORDER OF MAN website, community, and podcast.


Ryan knew that he wanted to be a father who would provide emotional support, physical affection, and to be a strong foundational leader for his wife and three kids.  When his first son was born seven years ago, he knew it was time for a positive change in his life.  He decided to take action and implement strategies to ensure he would live a life of being the dad he wanted to be.


Ryan shares whom we spend time with will make a huge difference in the dads we become.  “If we surround ourselves with people who are positive role models in our lives, we will strive to give that same value to others around us.  “Surrounding ourselves with other dads who have a similar mission to be the best version of themselves is critical to our own successful parenting style.  We become who we surround ourselves with.”


Another great strategy that Ryan shares is making sure we are 100% with our kids while in their presence.  In our busy modern worlds, it is so easy to get caught up in the daily grind of life.  We can easily become so distracted by our devices, electronics, and work that we forget that our children truly just want our presence and attention.


Ryan has a great passion by not only improving himself, but he also has a desire to help others.  Not long ago, Ryan decided to start a website, a blog, and a podcast in the hopes of helping other men improve their lives and mission as well.  The Order of Man is founded upon 11 pillars that are the foundation of his mission. Those pillars are:  Career, Charity, Community, Faith, Family, Finances, Intellect, Leadership, Manly-Skills, Relationships, and Self-Mastery.  Coming soon, he will be launching an online course with the intent to help dads become their very best.

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