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Shawn French – Mastering Communication, Conflict Resolution, Choices, and Positive Role Modeling for Kids

Shawn French is the host of The Determined Society Podcast where you are able to go to experience high vibe energy and come together with like-minded people who are looking to grow professionally and personally. This is for driven people who are looking to connect with more of the same in order to continue on a path to success. 

In this episode of the Dad Edge Podcast, Larry Hagner and Shawn French discuss the importance of staying hydrated and share their personal strategies for drinking enough water throughout the day. They talk about their daily routines and how they incorporate water consumption into their busy schedules. From using motivational water bottles to tracking their intake, they emphasize the benefits of staying hydrated for overall well being. 

This episode sheds light on the importance of water intake and healthy habits for overall health. Shawn French emphasize the positive impact of staying hydrated, wearing comfortable and confidence-boosting clothing, and finding personalized routines that promote vitality.

Shawn French also offers valuable insights into the personal growth and lessons learned from a previous toxic relationship. He emphasizes the importance of trust, personal growth, and collaboration in building a thriving marriage and a healthy environment for children. 

Through their own experiences, they provide hope and encouragement for those going through difficult times, highlighting that even the darkest days can lead to brighter ones.

Larry’s Takeaways

  1. Teach manners and tone effectively..
  2. Motivation comes from within.
  3. Teach kids to be respectful.

What You’ll Learn

00:02:44 Morning drink for energy and digestion.

00:06:14 Learn from past mistakes, thrive.

00:10:41 Give children choices for independence.

00:20:33 Teach children manners and boundaries.

00:24:13 Importance of tone in communication.

00:32:00 Teaching respect and empathy matters.

00:37:06 Teach self-awareness in conflict.

00:41:14 Conflict resolution is essential.

00:49:17 Action before motivation.

00:54:36 Take action despite lack of motivation.

00:54:42 Take action despite resistance.


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